I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

4 apr 2021
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Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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  • Hello my first subscribed youtuber

    Ralph JustinRalph Justin19 minuti fa
  • at that point techno has more plot armor than ranboo

    PlazmaPlazma31 minuto fa
  • Again Techno should be a totem My Idea: Eye Of The Totem Pros: Natrually regenerates with golden hearts (similar to a non-enchanted golden apple) Absorption V That can absorb wither effect And creeper blasts (Lasts for 1 Minute ,15 second cooldown) Piglins , Piglin Brutes are friendly (Even if mining gold or looting chests) Deals more damage after using absorption effect Has instant smelt and Fortune 3 when mining gold and emerald Has infinite Ender Chests no other players can open/access(once closed goes back in inventory Cons: If you get bad omen it acts like a poison and deals hearts over time Vindicators , And Evokers deal more damage than usual Can only sleep if no mobs are within a 35 block radius Two less normal hearts than an average player lava does twice the amount of damage than usual (Depending on armor) Takes damage in night if not wearing helmet (opposite of Phantom Origin) Spawns in mansion Hope u enjoy this idea!

    Umm_Doodles _Umm_Doodles _34 minuti fa
  • Techno, wouldn't it have been better if your normal skin was the first layer, and the disguise was the 2nd, chubby layer? The skin you would want people to see would look the same, and the disguise would still camouflage even if it looked chubby.

    Yesno MaybesoYesno Maybeso46 minuti fa
  • I love how when he said he was going to China he was in Japan😂

    Kalie WeronskiKalie Weronski48 minuti fa
  • Dream is better

    Andrew KentAndrew Kent53 minuti fa
  • Congratulations for 7 million before

    Nahin AshaiNahin AshaiOra fa
  • yes 7MILLION WOOOOOOOOO thanks for being my favorite youtuber

    Moms SpaghettiMoms SpaghettiOra fa
  • Hey techno are you a girl 👀🤨 cause I searched up on google that are you a girl or boy and it’s showed a short video saying that you would eat for 12 hours and sleep for 12 hours so are you a girl🤨🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🤨🤨 are you pregnant cause that’s wahh you said

    Cassidy mills StewartCassidy mills StewartOra fa
  • 6:25

    CleetusCleetusOra fa
  • Wow an upload :O

    Cloudii NightsCloudii NightsOra fa
  • sad techno

    Gareth EvansGareth EvansOra fa
  • smp earth but mr beast joined

    dyedsdyeds2 ore fa
  • Origin SMP idea: American: Resistant to explosions and fall damage, but increased knockback from them. Shovels do more damage and crit when you hit someone while you are in the air with them. You gain an ability that will blow yourself up, but will kill literally everyone around you. You can cause an explosion where you look that doesn't damage blocks, but will damage players. It's cool down will be lowered while not standing on a block. You also get increased momentum, and most importantly you have to constantly be wearing the turtle helmet to cover your eyes. Hopefully this combines two pieces of your nostalgia.

    Princess DocPrincess Doc2 ore fa
  • Techo should make a vid stabbing bedrock player that would be cool

    Brax_nateBrax_nate2 ore fa
  • Wildcat my child hood dies 😔

    Danny AnayaDanny Anaya2 ore fa
  • Techno:son.... im dying son:i will kill you fast techno:... son trying to attack. techno stabs son techno:not even close

    Memo HüseyinMemo Hüseyin2 ore fa
  • Let me just say techno never dies baby!!!!!

    Poke DripPoke Drip2 ore fa
  • Please upload more maybe 1 a week

    ExoExo3 ore fa
    • No

      UnKnown SlaYerUnKnown SlaYerOra fa
  • Technoblade, I need some advice. How do I deal with bullies? They haven’t hurt me yet physically. But I’ve told the teachers and they keep it up. It also gets worse. Please give me some advice. I don’t want to hurt anybody either.

    The Texas PigThe Texas Pig3 ore fa
    • i aint techno but, tell an adult, or an principle and your parents, give the names of your bullies to your parents and the principle

      QuackYeestQuackYeest2 ore fa
  • Techno can’t die he survived a nuke none can’t kill techno

    Rexy GamingRexy Gaming3 ore fa
  • Still loving the consistent uploads

    Quick Cool ClipsQuick Cool Clips3 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R3 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R3 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Techno: "Don't laugh." Me: *_Already wheezing_*

    Ceris AzuraCeris Azura4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • LaserQuaser wants revenge

    C4T G4M3RC4T G4M3R4 ore fa
  • Techno in dream smp you should get a pig put a saddle on the pig and name it "THE PIG HORSE".

    Andrew M.Andrew M.4 ore fa
  • Blood for the blood God 💉

    NightmareNightmare4 ore fa
  • techno be like _"as sun tzu once said fetus deletus"_

    Burnt ToastBurnt Toast4 ore fa
  • 9m on this video POG

    Luna ALuna A4 ore fa
  • Wild cat is a pig with a hat and techno is a pig with a crown

    Matthew GilmerMatthew Gilmer4 ore fa
  • When u revise that technoblade has 69.6 million subs (Hehe 69)

    Yvonne basheyYvonne bashey4 ore fa

    alex crossalex cross5 ore fa
  • Techno blade should make a merch

    Random GamerRandom Gamer5 ore fa
  • What IED like to say is is that you,ll never catch me alive.

    Alexander EscalanteAlexander Escalante5 ore fa
  • I love how mrbeast says how much he took the game seriously when its 10,00$

    Kujo JotaroKujo Jotaro5 ore fa
  • If u let me in the dream smp I will be channel sub

    red potato3red potato35 ore fa
  • Did i really have it in me, to sacrifice two of my peers for a measly refrigerator? "yes"

    kookoonutkookoonut5 ore fa
  • No one likes you dream is way better than you just give up and dream should of won the hundred thousand dollars

    Colleen DonahueColleen Donahue6 ore fa
    • Listen kid, they split the money and are currently good friends. Even if this comment is a form of joke or troll, you should never demoralize a person who isn't actively trying to hurt people. If you don't like them just because they aren't someone else then you can leave.

      Princess DocPrincess Doc2 ore fa

    Al3xNovaSnowAl3xNovaSnow6 ore fa
  • He did take it sooooooo seriously like more then ever

    King Joey playsKing Joey plays6 ore fa
  • 69.6 million subskribers

    Erik R.GErik R.G6 ore fa
  • Does Techno even know he has 6.96 subs

    Leonel RiveraLeonel Rivera6 ore fa
  • we literally see in the first minute at 0:40 that he will choose wither for origins bruh

    AJBAJB6 ore fa
  • 6.96M subs lol

    Emmett JaakkolaEmmett Jaakkola6 ore fa
  • Techno needs to get merch

    Shawna SupinoShawna Supino7 ore fa
  • wildcat: falls off the edge of earth flat earthers: EaRtH iS fLaT

    Cayden RumpCayden Rump7 ore fa
  • Please

    David GomezDavid Gomez7 ore fa
  • Technoblade can I know how to get your skin

    David GomezDavid Gomez7 ore fa
  • Your voice is really good for like Narratoring it’s really good

    mxsDD FranksmxsDD Franks7 ore fa
  • Make a origins smp video

    Jon BoonstraJon Boonstra7 ore fa
  • Hello Dave

    Rh1noRh1no7 ore fa
  • Wtf i just watch the first min of this on tiktok

    Cheslea RobertsonCheslea Robertson8 ore fa
  • What your number

    Jordan and Sophia gaming MartinezJordan and Sophia gaming Martinez8 ore fa
  • techno be like 1:00 is the safest place when it's the most dangerous place in the world

    ParPar8 ore fa
  • I littraly died wheezing when techno said that he'd actually sabutatage two ppl lmaoooo

    AngelicDream708AngelicDream7088 ore fa
  • 40k to 7 million

    insight 177insight 1778 ore fa
  • Not even close baby technoblade never dies

    ROCK LEEROCK LEE8 ore fa
  • 6.96 million subs

    ToxicToxic8 ore fa
  • Nice narrating

    Bradley ShusterBradley Shuster9 ore fa
  • Wait is this how bold works No

    MaxSaidNoMaxSaidNo9 ore fa
  • Sorry

    Kaed CollinsKaed Collins9 ore fa
  • techno the pig is going to be in my fridge

    baloonz -baloonz -9 ore fa
  • Techno with no brim

    Gabrielle WaakGabrielle Waak10 ore fa
  • Remember “training my 5 year old sister to kill people” Yessir

    Your Local idiotYour Local idiot10 ore fa
  • hey technoblade congrats on 6.9mil subscribers. nice

    trumpetsoundstrumpetsounds10 ore fa
  • please pin me

    Aisha ChaudharyAisha Chaudhary10 ore fa
  • at the time I'm writing this tecnos sub count is 6.96M subs

    I do stuffI do stuff10 ore fa
  • happy 6.96m subs techno.

    Dio BrandoDio Brando10 ore fa
  • Technoblade could you please able hypixel skyblock backpack? :(

    이쭌이쭌10 ore fa
  • Anyone notice the wither master skin

    Casey HuvaneCasey Huvane10 ore fa
  • I feel like next stream He Should do a face cam Like If u agree

    Julian DavidsonJulian Davidson10 ore fa
  • Where are your storytime videos?

    AppolloBoiAppolloBoi10 ore fa
  • fridge reveal?

    Sage O'MaraSage O'Mara11 ore fa
  • technoblade: i literally just got nuked me:TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

    RiverthecatRiverthecat11 ore fa
  • 6,9 million subs nice

    Maja EderMaja Eder11 ore fa
  • pls more viedeos

    Rick VoßRick Voß11 ore fa
  • 1:13 and thats proof the world is flat, checkmate round earthers

    HimouuHimouu11 ore fa
  • Get back to the lore blood god

    Mister BananaMister Banana11 ore fa
  • Wildcat falls off the Earth, like boss

  • Wildcat was being stupid in the hide n seek video

    Enderman EliEnderman Eli11 ore fa
  • I don’t really like teck blade

    Marina PinheiroMarina Pinheiro11 ore fa
    • Then why are you here?? Lol

      Ashfer2Ashfer211 ore fa
  • Techno you gonna accept the offer from dream for a manhunt?

    Krish SubraKrish Subra11 ore fa