5 dic 2020
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minecraft vid inna couple weeks. hopefully

  • Keep your head up bro

    Samuel ValdovinosSamuel Valdovinos7 minuti fa
  • I love how when we need vbucks these bots got our backs XD.

    BeatableBeatable45 minuti fa
  • Thx for comin back

    mugg3tts 2.0mugg3tts 2.051 minuto fa
  • ur the best

    alex axenderalex axender57 minuti fa
  • I miss the good old days when Moisty Mires was still a thing and the most advanced thing was the launch pad. Everything got more fk up after the meteor shit came and Omega.

    NasibNasibOra fa

    FBI•1,000 years agoFBI•1,000 years ago2 ore fa
  • 3:12 that’s good editing

    TTV spexzTTV spexz2 ore fa
  • I hit him for zero

    jazyn gutierrezjazyn gutierrez2 ore fa
  • Hey I’m going to

    Emma SimmonsEmma Simmons3 ore fa
    • Hi

      Triple A gamerZ3Triple A gamerZ33 ore fa
  • Fearless is a god

  • One thing why did fe4rless remove the part where it's says I like your cut g

    use code yo swayuse code yo sway4 ore fa
  • your back WOW bro can we be friends

    Lg SkullLg Skull4 ore fa
  • That’s sus 8:41

    Isaiah CastilloIsaiah Castillo4 ore fa
  • I like how There is a mouse on screen like a mouse cursor

    Fortnite TeamFortnite Team5 ore fa
  • your literally a haxer brooooo u hit every shot like bruhhhhh

    Jared JenneyJared Jenney5 ore fa
  • so the i like ya cut g, got copyrighted... snitches man...

    PL SaikoPL Saiko5 ore fa
  • You Too Sypher

    Rosa PamplinRosa Pamplin5 ore fa
  • yo fearless i wanna 1v1 u

    Rosa PamplinRosa Pamplin5 ore fa
  • I saw the thing and love you lol

    Lewis ParkerLewis Parker6 ore fa
  • Keep ur head up bro

    EnzoWarrior #2089EnzoWarrior #20896 ore fa
  • Bro why’s all his “bots” sound the same 😂 ain’t no hate I’m just saying

    Youngest DesireYoungest Desire6 ore fa
  • Upload more br- I-I- I mean keep your head up mhm

    Aidan RodriguezAidan Rodriguez7 ore fa
  • tbh fearless sounds like dream

    Daria BanaszewskaDaria Banaszewska7 ore fa
  • Why was is usname “yes it’s for 4 inches”

    Nitty mNitty m7 ore fa
  • 3:11 most beautiful edits ive ever seen in my entire life

    spaghettispaghetti7 ore fa
  • Your alive!

    LOLLOL8 ore fa
  • I Watch your videos every day

    sregans12sregans128 ore fa
  • no cap best youtuber 100%

    not kinganot kinga8 ore fa
  • That epic music was cooooll

    Rich WadeRich Wade9 ore fa
  • Guys did you see someone’s face here 3:15? I saw it

    KoalanitoKoalanito9 ore fa
  • no way

    Fernando Martinez PadillaFernando Martinez Padilla10 ore fa
  • yo we miss you bro

    Δανάη ΚανναβούΔανάη Κανναβού10 ore fa
  • 8:12 FLUSHED

    Ange GUILLEAnge GUILLE10 ore fa
  • F for kitty :C

    Just scorchJust scorch10 ore fa
  • 3:34 graf was his old cod clan in case u didnt know

    Dylon LickersDylon Lickers10 ore fa
  • Think Ur Dumb? Think About The PPL That Disliked Smh.

    TRN EsportsTRN Esports10 ore fa
  • it has been 2 years man

    Yerik AriasYerik Arias11 ore fa
  • fearless was playing on a keyboard and mouse if you look close

    Lucid TangoLucid Tango11 ore fa
  • keep hare up bro

    nick davisnick davis11 ore fa
  • Yo can you gift me batte pass piz

    Isaac PazIsaac Paz11 ore fa
  • I love you your good at fornite

    Isaac PazIsaac Paz11 ore fa
  • My comment is over SypherPK’s Comment I came late

    # StreyNation# StreyNation11 ore fa
  • Fearless told me if he get 10mil sub he will upload every day

    LMG JEFFLMG JEFF12 ore fa
  • “Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance"...........

    ShenkeShenke12 ore fa
    • @julian ramirez ikr😳😒

      ッYoRamiroッYoRamiro5 ore fa
    • Bro your begging under a video Just think about that

      julian ramirezjulian ramirez10 ore fa

  • 4:13 for the italians: scroto

    Andrea RizzardoAndrea Rizzardo12 ore fa
  • 26 mill?

    Ganji_hun15Ganji_hun1512 ore fa
  • He Sounds A Bit Like Dream

    Eren JaegerEren Jaeger12 ore fa
  • Wait till he is down and then lunch pad with him

    Shiva natorShiva nator12 ore fa
  • OMG nice u are back

    Maksymilian W.Maksymilian W.13 ore fa
  • Because I never lost

    Ryan PlaysRyan Plays13 ore fa
  • I’ve been practicing my sniping on fortnite and know I think I’m better than fe4rless

    Ryan PlaysRyan Plays13 ore fa
  • did someone realize that he got a fishing rod from a chest

    Nex ShadowNex Shadow14 ore fa
  • That’s were they got the meme from titktok

    Badman FarhanBadman Farhan14 ore fa
  • Season 5 oof rn

    SadlyItsJadynSadlyItsJadyn15 ore fa
  • such a dawg

    Unborn ClapzUnborn Clapz15 ore fa
  • just keep posting ya dawg

    Unborn ClapzUnborn Clapz15 ore fa
  • 8:50 when u meet justin

    freddie rosefreddie rose15 ore fa
  • how can anyone even dislike this video

    Igor BezoyanIgor Bezoyan15 ore fa
  • Fear can I get your account please please you have aim bot

    DitismootjeDitismootje15 ore fa
  • Please upload your insane

    Logan McNicholLogan McNichol15 ore fa
  • Bro coach is a poop coach

    Larissa LarissaLarissa Larissa15 ore fa
  • fearless said do you have any skins and the kids like, I have nothing,sad music. if we get a win I’ll give you a skin or battle pass, he’s like, battle Pass

  • so good make another one pls

    legolad141legolad14116 ore fa
  • keeep ur HEAD ur head up bro i will never forget uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    STimULouS_ SniPeZzSTimULouS_ SniPeZz17 ore fa
  • You know what I’m reconsidering watching fortnite vids now

    PubzzPubzz17 ore fa
  • 100$ who brings me michael scofield

    MGJR30MGJR3018 ore fa
  • Fe4rless said: sike I lied that scar is my Kid: I going to report you 😂😂😂😂

    Xgoofy XXgoofy X18 ore fa
  • Anybody else just rewatching his videos waiting for him to upload😔😔

    Tee MacTee Mac18 ore fa
    • He uploads monthly sometimes, and it’s been a maybe soon?

      iOfficerLawsRBLXiOfficerLawsRBLX7 ore fa
    • Yh

      Jamie On XboxJamie On Xbox17 ore fa
  • Ali I miss you man!

    Bharati MaherBharati Maher19 ore fa
  • 2:04 Lil boi said YAY😂😂😂

    Nick HallNick Hall19 ore fa
  • Hey grandpa, when was last time fe4rless uploaded? Me: it was, 87 years ago

    MemesenespanishMemesenespanish19 ore fa
  • I sad plz upload

    PraxyPraxy19 ore fa

    bean prodigybean prodigy19 ore fa
  • bruh nice edits

    bean prodigybean prodigy19 ore fa
  • Not lying when I first watched this I thought it was fake

    The Faceless ChannelThe Faceless Channel19 ore fa
  • Fe4RLess Sounds Like A ✨ Big Year Old ✨

    LearnLearn20 ore fa
  • 0:17 I wonder how disappointed that kid was when CMPunk didn’t return in the Royal Rumble 😂😂

  • Fearlees what sever do you play on is it na west or na east?

    Bry DomondonBry Domondon20 ore fa
  • It should be illegal to be this funny

    Jaheem GayleJaheem Gayle20 ore fa
  • Remember me it is SIR SLURPMYBALLS

  • And 6:13 has the whole actually dying

    FlickerFlicker20 ore fa
  • This video has so many bots in the comments

    FlickerFlicker20 ore fa
  • 6:38 got me!! XdddDDDD

    Sophia ChavezSophia Chavez20 ore fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ive waited for ever for this man 2021 is lit bissssh

    Lucky Blu3 TVLucky Blu3 TV21 ora fa
  • Rip fer4les😥😥😥

  • Hi fe4rless I know your there please upload more I love your content it’s so funny pls look at this

    Kaitlyn WeyenbergKaitlyn Weyenberg21 ora fa
  • Yo you play on keyboard I thought you was a CONTROLLA Playa

    Martin RamirezMartin Ramirez21 ora fa
  • I've watched this vid about 30 times now💀

    dadventures grandpadadventures grandpa22 ore fa
  • YESIR fe4rlisa

    Mr. Šînister FMr. Šînister F22 ore fa
  • Felix🤣

    Imgodlyotg HackerImgodlyotg Hacker22 ore fa
  • Any time you come back. We will be here every second you need. We love Fe4R.

    Mateo KolmerMateo Kolmer22 ore fa
  • I love you

    The GhostThe Ghost22 ore fa
  • Fearless is the only sweat I respect

    A CupA Cup22 ore fa
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    jeremiah hendrickjeremiah hendrick22 ore fa
    • Btw those are fake likes

      use code yo swayuse code yo sway4 ore fa
    • Scam bot

      use code yo swayuse code yo sway4 ore fa
  • your my favorite youtuber

  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    Saskia SchmitzSaskia Schmitz22 ore fa
    • @Mama Koita ik

      Qiral AyxallQiral AyxallOra fa
    • @Qiral Ayxall they aren’t real

      Mama KoitaMama KoitaOra fa
    • You cant Scam me lmao

      Qiral AyxallQiral AyxallOra fa
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    hugo grigordhugo grigord22 ore fa
    • @i am groot That’s a Bot Comment!

      Stack Land 2019Stack Land 20192 ore fa
    • did i do it right cause i didnt get vbucks

      i am grooti am groot2 ore fa
    • Stop Commenting this

      Stack Land 2019Stack Land 20194 ore fa
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    Jessica StanleyJessica Stanley22 ore fa
    • You tried

      X HyperX Hyper7 ore fa
    • Nice try

      Nazneen BNazneen B8 ore fa
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from

    Alice HawkesAlice Hawkes23 ore fa
    • Stfu

      The Ph1l1ppThe Ph1l1pp12 ore fa