Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents

16 feb 2021
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Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents
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  • Cool

    The weirdo gagThe weirdo gag2 ore fa
  • Justin should stick to drums and leave the rubiks cubes and matha-madan-manth algorithms to someone else

    Elizabeth DevensElizabeth Devens3 ore fa
  • One of the celebrities doing cartwheel singing: UGHOGOAHAHAGH

    Piotr LawickiPiotr Lawicki4 ore fa
  • His background was green screen and editing ! Am i right roomie?

    ROHAN RasailyROHAN Rasaily5 ore fa
  • Hold me love me No thank you 😐


    Whitney JonesWhitney Jones22 ore fa
  • 3:58 OMG HE SAID BAKA!?!?!?

    Lilith blackLilith black23 ore fa
  • 9:18 that shot😂😂

    ShaliekShaliekGiorno fa
  • interviewer: is there a trick to it? justin: some map-ma-mapamatical owlgarithums

    Lili-Mai DaviesLili-Mai DaviesGiorno fa
  • Some Macon backsem owlgorethoms

    Gamer& satisfying SwayGamer& satisfying SwayGiorno fa
  • If anyone was wondering what the little bit of words on bottom was saying, from ( time 9:02 ) it's that you shouldn't try to fit 41 chocolate balls in your mouth.

    Theo McConkeyTheo McConkeyGiorno fa
  • Just got a used him in back of neck magnetic Ackerman and activismAlgorithms

    Holly BrannenHolly BrannenGiorno fa
  • i can do the same thing that Camila did

    GamingWithPandaGamingWithPandaGiorno fa
  • This hair style looks really good on you, Joel. That's the only input I have for this video. I do want Maltesers now, though.

    EviianaEviianaGiorno fa
  • Some map-mat-mathic-tematical algorithms

    JustinJustinGiorno fa
  • Yo someone send him toenails

    HyvalaxyHyvalaxy2 giorni fa
  • I can do what Camila cabello can do

    Michelle MorfordMichelle Morford2 giorni fa
  • Hey we don't make fun of celebrities

    HyvalaxyHyvalaxy2 giorni fa
  • Ok no on the Justin Bieber so so stupid telling you!

    Antek WlodykaAntek Wlodyka2 giorni fa
  • Omg strike UGOughguh

    Antek WlodykaAntek Wlodyka2 giorni fa
  • The kesha's one is gross

    David CertezaDavid Certeza2 giorni fa
  • I can do the w with my tongue and do the frog neck.

    YS yotam shimoni's channelYS yotam shimoni's channel2 giorni fa
  • I love the Beatles so Ringo's art is amazing

    Char WilsonChar Wilson2 giorni fa
  • " i like how she gets that cookie monster voice " me laughing to death :D

    pincéből red apincéből red a2 giorni fa
  • Creepy

    Sienna WesterSienna Wester2 giorni fa
  • The mathatamatathcle algorithm

    NCB bro79NCB bro793 giorni fa
  • Wow bieber is talking shit, "doing some mathematical algorithms" every cube solver knows that bullshit

    WarreWarre3 giorni fa
  • Eww i don’t even like my own teeth never mind fans ewww

    steven matischoksteven matischok3 giorni fa
  • Roomie I'm sending my toenail over to you and it will arrive at your house in about 2 weeks.

    GlitchyBaconGlitchyBacon3 giorni fa
  • I love Kesha!!! I want to see more.Kesha! The teeth thing was a little weird, not going to lie. Lol 😂

    Emily NashEmily Nash3 giorni fa
  • Lol I know how to do most of them

    Bacon hair Tee heeBacon hair Tee hee3 giorni fa
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  • Gosh Justin Is sooooo slow at the rugox cupe like wtf

    Hurricane_playz QwQHurricane_playz QwQ4 giorni fa
  • lol

    MizutoMizuto4 giorni fa
  • This is Super Creepy

    Jan GniedzińskiJan Gniedziński4 giorni fa
  • I know no body that can juggle

    Cora DunneCora Dunne4 giorni fa
  • I can actually do the tounge trick that camila caballo did

    Dragoneye Eclipse oldDragoneye Eclipse old4 giorni fa
  • I have been wondering what happened to roomietuesdays

    Jasmin BerreraJasmin Berrera5 giorni fa
  • You really had to put the definition for Ringo Starr. Are you kiddings me?

    JugizetJugizet5 giorni fa
  • The Kesha thing gave me nightmares for 15 days straight

    Alexander DeanAlexander Dean5 giorni fa
  • joel,are you a teacher if you are can you pls tell me how to edit videos?

    lissaomglissaomg5 giorni fa
  • I can do the tongue trick too

    Jose & watchdogs/parentsJose & watchdogs/parents5 giorni fa
  • Justin bieber...🔥

    make an artistmake an artist5 giorni fa
  • justin berber: solvs a robikscube in 20min my bestfrend: solvs a robikscude in 11s blindfolded and whas 9 years old

    Shital HolmströmShital Holmström5 giorni fa
  • Charlie Puth's beat boxing is quiet amazing too.

    Tahsan55Tahsan555 giorni fa
  • joel : dont send me any of your body parts a huge fan: sends joel a kidney joel: who the heck send me this

    Esther RemezovEsther Remezov5 giorni fa
  • din din din dindindin din

    Lucas LengyelLucas Lengyel5 giorni fa
  • Hahahaha!!!!!

    Abigail CreechAbigail Creech6 giorni fa
  • When you know how to solve a rubiks and it’s not map -mat-mat-Mathithicimatmattical algorithms it is memory and move sequences

    james langjames lang6 giorni fa
  • Solving a rubik's cube is not a talent, u can learn it in like 2 days

    Ádám TymcsukÁdám Tymcsuk6 giorni fa
  • That *yeeeeeahhh he did itttt!!!! Omg"

    angxlpunchangxlpunch6 giorni fa
  • Dats cweepy howy shwit

    elec 2elec 26 giorni fa
  • I can do the tongue thing too

    Serah Aman CreationsSerah Aman Creations6 giorni fa
  • 11:55 shawty's like a melody in my head

    Mr KerstboomverlichtingMr Kerstboomverlichting6 giorni fa
  • Ya'll should read the newspaper at the start.

    Kristina ZellKristina Zell6 giorni fa
  • 11:01 It is creepy

    Anuj KumarAnuj Kumar6 giorni fa
  • According to captions at 3:54, it says "some mathematic thematical algorithms"

    Beany GoBeany Go7 giorni fa
  • ofc the awkward justin bieber interview was in Germany xD I'm a german and I feel like all celebrity interviews done by germans are either cringey because their english is so terrible or bc they personally don't really give a shit about the celebrity or the outcome of the interview

    Caro6367Caro63677 giorni fa
  • Teeter

  • I can do camila cabello's thing and is a w with your tongue Joel.

    Mati mMati m7 giorni fa
  • "Im gonna measure you" me 👀

    TheNukeboosterTheNukebooster7 giorni fa
  • Black Gryph0n is very good at imitations.

    AttilaPinkHairAttilaPinkHair7 giorni fa
  • i see nothin weird here, just vanilla ice on a jetski talking about god

    Ineed athneedIneed athneed7 giorni fa
  • Chris Brown literally graffitied his whole house and has a video of him break dancing while painting redo this video and get some better one plz 😂😂

    Anthony YoungAnthony Young7 giorni fa
  • Jbuguhuhuh

    s ns n7 giorni fa
  • K,i’kkkikkk

    esthetic Sunflowersesthetic Sunflowers7 giorni fa
  • He’s going into a competition.

    Dylan PurnellDylan Purnell7 giorni fa
  • My friend solved a Rubin cube in 8 seconds.

    Dylan PurnellDylan Purnell7 giorni fa
  • In the show

    Noobslayer99Noobslayer998 giorni fa
  • Isn’t it obvious Ariana could baby cry

    Noobslayer99Noobslayer998 giorni fa
  • Justin bieber:😐 Interviewer:😐-😃😍

    Kyla DiegoKyla Diego8 giorni fa

    Kaitlyn ConyersKaitlyn Conyers8 giorni fa
  • people definitely pulled their own teeth out for Kesha.. my god LOL

    Kaitlyn ConyersKaitlyn Conyers8 giorni fa
  • 11:47 ok I’m gonna send u my foot

    Doggi WE NEED DOG FOODDoggi WE NEED DOG FOOD8 giorni fa
  • I can do the toung thing

    Daniel O'ConnorDaniel O'Connor8 giorni fa
  • wAit a minute frog neck is a talent? yay i have a talent

    Lilac 2.0Lilac 2.08 giorni fa
  • I just cried like 5 mins ago because the 3 people I cared about the most left me.... But Joel here made my day... Thnx from the bottom of my heart! Feeling better now❤️

    Begh FaizBegh Faiz8 giorni fa
  • Watch this video in 2x speed uhuhuhuuuhohoho

    Sailaja TanuboddiSailaja Tanuboddi8 giorni fa
  • "Hold me, love me" Joel: "No, thank you" 🤣🤣🤣

    Ola ChicaOla Chica8 giorni fa
  • Who else read the newspaper at the start of the video?

    The Smol OneThe Smol One8 giorni fa
  • The frog neck thing, I also an do, and its the opposite, you push your tounge up, not down

    Foxboi VrFoxboi Vr8 giorni fa
  • I can do the frog neck thing 2

    Jon LightJon Light8 giorni fa
    • Oooooo

      Strong_ Gamer GirlStrong_ Gamer Girl8 giorni fa
  • And I can really see how Justin is struggling with the cube. He doesn't solves it very fast and though he can't talk while solving it. So maybe he learned it short time before this video, or he is not very talented in solving rubiks cubes. And Justin was working on the last row from the cube, so from this point he should be finished within the next 4 or 5 algorithms. But it took longer then me solving the whole cube. But OK everyone has another talent, he can maybe sing better then I.

    Ypsilon ChannelYpsilon Channel8 giorni fa
  • Not every third person can solve the cube. Apparently there thousands of like codes that you have to know for each cube and where it has to go. So everyone can learn it but only if you can memorize aottle bit more than only a few numbers, or so... I can do it in 30 seconds, faster I didn't trained it. Without this algorithms you can't solve this cube, it would be like winning in lotto its not possible, cause every now and then someone who doesn't know that I know this topic very well trys to tell me that he or she solved it unintentionally. Hahha yes...

    Ypsilon ChannelYpsilon Channel8 giorni fa
  • I can do the same trick that Camila can. That means is not special

    My Chemical Fall Out At The DiscoMy Chemical Fall Out At The Disco8 giorni fa
  • Hey roomie, I know this is a weird question to ask but, I’m planning on committing suicide. I just feel like no one cares about me, I was wondering, I know this is random, but I was wondering, do you have any ideas to get that stuff out of my head

    NeGAMES 3NeGAMES 38 giorni fa
  • Honestly...i knew Harry would be there😂

    iWorkInABakeryiWorkInABakery8 giorni fa
  • me who likes vanilla ice: uhhhh- ice ice baby?

    Ashes AnimalAshes Animal8 giorni fa
  • I lost a tooth while watching this video it has been lose for a while and just came out( sorry for weirdness)👍🏻

    Quirklessmuggle GachaQuirklessmuggle Gacha8 giorni fa
  • Joel: don't send me your teeth in fact dont send me any parts of your body me: *sends Joel my life insurance and my kidney*

    Yeet MoreyyetYeet Moreyyet9 giorni fa
  • Me and camilla have the same hidden talent OMG 😲

    princess priscaprincess prisca9 giorni fa
  • Ok but why does shoving malteasers in your mouth seem like such a ed Sheehan thing to do XD

    Apt The doctorApt The doctor9 giorni fa
  • Lol I'm an artist and whenever I see stuff like that 😆😂I'm just as confused as the average person

    Gabrielle HenryGabrielle Henry9 giorni fa
  • Omg kesha is insane in the membrane

    ZekeyD826ZekeyD8269 giorni fa
  • Nobody: Me seeing something impressive: 5:06

    JustMarkJustMark9 giorni fa
  • Kesha is very creepy

    jonny hayjonny hay9 giorni fa
  • Roomie's talent: Dad Jokes

    Emily MeiEmily Mei9 giorni fa
  • So no one is gonna talk abt the editing at 12:25 to 12:27

    EGN KDSEGN KDS9 giorni fa
  • Bruh I can literally do katy perry's talent

    AshSiddAshSidd9 giorni fa
  • I have the same tounge trick

    Kayden GamingKayden Gaming9 giorni fa