VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 36 (ft. Freddie Wong)

14 nov 2020
1 528 584 visualizzazioni

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Sam and Niko sit down with their old pal Freddie to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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  • Do Dredd, the guns in that movie are amazing

    Jordan DeBortoliJordan DeBortoli3 minuti fa
  • Corridor Crew + Dungeons and Daddies crossover episode

    Alex DeForgeAlex DeForge8 minuti fa
  • Check out code 8. The special effects were simple and realistic looking. Like when robbie yells the f word, the electricity goes out and the sparks and the light changes looked so smooth.

    dead chris bouncedead chris bounce25 minuti fa
  • Freddie should go goatee.

    Aaron BruceAaron Bruce36 minuti fa
  • Hey could you guess react to ‘the liberator’ on Netflix

    yasio boloyasio bolo57 minuti fa
  • Can you take a look at Anaconda (1997) in a future episode?!

    aushhtenaushhtenOra fa
  • Please, comment on Stephen Wolf in Justice League.

    Vy HuynhVy HuynhOra fa
  • Freddie, keep the beard cut your hear .. oh and yeah, can you guys do some Lost in Space (the 2018 version) brake downs, some pretty good visuals there

    BombingGameBombingGame2 ore fa
  • Get a line up and a fade for that beard

    Sleepy Kermit the HermitSleepy Kermit the Hermit2 ore fa
    • Please do THUNDERBOLT FANTASY it combines Puppeteering and CGI

      yasio boloyasio bolo56 minuti fa
  • no beard

    william newmannwilliam newmann2 ore fa
  • I miss VGHS loved it so much

    BIGGBMAN62 •BIGGBMAN62 •2 ore fa
  • Longer, for sure. Go full wizard beard, I know I haven't regretted it

    Sokudon KalitrexSokudon Kalitrex2 ore fa
  • no beard

    gigle stoungigle stoun2 ore fa
  • Beard

    hilltophiltonshilltophiltons3 ore fa
  • You guys should react to the war thunder trailer “victory is ours”

    Ethan DeleshawEthan Deleshaw3 ore fa
  • Have to ask just one more time PLEASE DO THE LANGOLIERS!!!!!!!!

    Visionary AtreyuVisionary Atreyu3 ore fa
  • PLEASE DO THE LANGOLIERS!!!! itworlds.info/round/qZFpfNSGa8uDoWs/video

    Visionary AtreyuVisionary Atreyu3 ore fa
  • bieard longger

    Friedrich CFriedrich C3 ore fa
  • Skip the neckbeard bro, stick with the chin, soulpatch and mustasch!

    Viktor SundbergViktor Sundberg4 ore fa
  • Aw what a cute little elitist Freddie is. I don't wanna be your friend either, don't worry about it. This is easily the least informative or interesting of the videos on this series. It's just noise. You picked out movies and OG animators with cool effects but you were too busy jizzing over them with Freddie's ADHD to actually say anything.

    R. LeyvaR. Leyva4 ore fa
  • Man Nico. You had the chance for a masterclass pun but you didnt take it. "Turn your quarantine time into quality time!"

    DavidDavid4 ore fa
  • Its nice seeing freddy with yall! Bring him back yall have alot of things yall can cover

    Hell HoundHell Hound5 ore fa
  • Please do THUNDERBOLT FANTASY it combines Puppeteering and CGI

    Mute EncoreMute Encore5 ore fa
  • React to: Star Wars: The Last Stand **CGI Fan Film** 4K from Sekani Motion Design Really nice characters (expect the hand at 1:03) (itworlds.info/round/kKGkepebbrt9hJ4/video)

    TheLuekasTheLuekas5 ore fa

    Micah DillonMicah Dillon5 ore fa
  • You should look at real steel at some point.

    kane mcpheekane mcphee6 ore fa
  • It’s not a long scene, but there is a moment when the tank is destroyed in expendable 2. I think after watching your videos the tank is CGI but I am unable to tell.

    Iron DefenseIron Defense6 ore fa

    Nick ZardiashviliNick Zardiashvili7 ore fa
  • This likely won't be seen but it would be great if you guys could explain what makes this video feel like its VFX. I can't put my finger on it and with your experience with the Boston Dynamics VFX I think you could explain it. It's a baseball hitting robot: www.reddit.com/r/Bossfight/comments/k2kvty/baseball_door_guard_wanna_play_with_me/?

    RoyalReno GamingRoyalReno Gaming8 ore fa
  • Can you please review "valley of tears" on HBO max?

    עופרי ברקעופרי ברק9 ore fa
  • I’d love to see a react to the CGI Lazarus creature in Doctor Who: The Lazarus Experiment!

    Amanda SpellAmanda Spell12 ore fa
  • Y’all should react to some of the effects in midsommar, I love the trippy imagery and the camera work is GOLD

    Some white dudeSome white dude12 ore fa
  • Please take a look at The Final Girls (2015)!

    rotenhokorotenhoko13 ore fa
  • For the next episode: Russian Cyber Farm. Buch of guys from different studios, 4 month production (2 for cgi), real farm, real farmers (except for the main character), no green screen or suits, just markers on people's faces, so I guess it's all manual. 4M views in 10 days itworlds.info/round/aXqRZKinjsqMkIQ/video&ab_channel=birchpunk Here is "how it was made" video, but it's in Russian. They list their equipment and software used starting at 9:20 . If you are interested and need more info from the video, I can help with translation, no problem itworlds.info/round/f6eGhdWCkZSFaZo/video&ab_channel=XYZ

    Алексей МаловАлексей Малов15 ore fa
  • Hey! Make a reaction at the RIOT cinematics)

    Crysmon-PLAYCrysmon-PLAY16 ore fa

    roquista1roquista116 ore fa
  • React to PILI FANTASY: WAR OF DRAGONS on Netflix

    joker2894321joker289432117 ore fa
  • Left beard only please.

    Zach SellersZach Sellers18 ore fa
  • Beard!!! - and this length, but trimmed... yea!

    martin winthermartin winther18 ore fa
  • No beard!!! Also remake of the Sollthar video!!!! DEW IT!!!

    Matt BryceMatt Bryce19 ore fa
  • Guys you need to talk about mandalorian episode 5 season 2

    Ricardo OliveiraRicardo Oliveira19 ore fa
  • PLEASE react to Kong: Skull Island (kong vs helicopters) And/or the new Planet of the Apes trilogy

    Nolan CruzNolan Cruz19 ore fa
  • I would like to see your reaction to the music video for Starlight Brigade, someday.

    Penrod1234Penrod123420 ore fa
  • React to these awful green screen effects from Labyrinth! itworlds.info/round/nZRkodaAf9J9eGc/video

    Alex YoungAlex Young20 ore fa
  • I want your reaction on the effects of the first ghost in the Muppet Christmas Carol

    Nepali NinjaNepali Ninja20 ore fa
  • Hey could you guess react to ‘the liberator’ on Netflix

    Carolyn sandersCarolyn sanders20 ore fa
  • Okay, I think we need a full episode on the Harry Potter movies. Please and thank you!

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue21 ora fa
  • Longer beard. Always longer beard.

    Minority01Minority0122 ore fa
  • You should really react to the first Stargate Movie from 1994, there are some really good miniature-effects and some really bad morphing effects in it.

    The Alex ExperienceThe Alex Experience22 ore fa
  • Maybe React to StarCraft 2 cinematics

    Gabriel MauricioGabriel Mauricio22 ore fa
  • The Umbrella Academy serie has a lot of good VFX to break down

    Mehrshad FarsaeiMehrshad Farsaei23 ore fa
    • The movie Jumper had some good CGI I'd say, but I'm no VFX artist.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue21 ora fa
  • Can you guys please react to the Planet of The Apes Trilogy, the CGi is really good!

    Ziety FireryZiety Firery23 ore fa
  • They should talk about the Santa clause movies with Tim Allan

    Garritt SwansonGarritt Swanson23 ore fa
  • Dragonball: Evolution... pls

    Owen RathOwen Rath23 ore fa
  • Would love you guys to react to the VFX in 6 Underground... they seem to be doing some fancy things in there

    Constantin ChirilaConstantin ChirilaGiorno fa
  • Please react to the Verizon ITworlds Live for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    Robert MiddletonRobert MiddletonGiorno fa

    Илья ФоминИлья ФоминGiorno fa
  • Do the Sandman scene from Spider man 3

    Jackson DrewJackson DrewGiorno fa
  • Just finished watching Jack the Giant Killer. Absolutely amazing CGI. Worth a look at, or even maybe try and make the movie better 😉

    ShiftySaulShiftySaulGiorno fa
  • Can you react to toy soldiers and toy story that'll be cool 👍👍🙂😊

    tiffany riveratiffany riveraGiorno fa
  • Hey Corridor Crew, you might wanna have a look at the "Villain K/DA concept" video. I think there are a few pretty cool textures and simulations included. I mean, I don't know anything about visual effects but at least they look cool :P

    Jones B.Jones B.Giorno fa
  • For next video maybe react to Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (music) and first Witcher Wild Hunt trailer video.

    AfterAfterGiorno fa
  • Beard.

    Kaleb BryanKaleb BryanGiorno fa
  • Beard or no beard? Sounds to me like 1997 is in effect: itworlds.info/round/n5NqZ8iIm8ONioQ/video

    Jeff SemmensJeff SemmensGiorno fa
  • The movie Jumper had some good CGI I'd say, but I'm no VFX artist.

    Garou SenseiGarou SenseiGiorno fa
  • Day 1 of asking you guys to react to aliens in the 2001 science fiction film [Evolution], directed by Ivan Reitman.

    AureolelegendsAureolelegendsGiorno fa
  • Would love to see a breakdown of Gods of Egypt.

    Henri De RooijHenri De RooijGiorno fa
  • Have you guys looked at the state-of-the-art CGI in the 2018 sci-fi flick REPLICAS starring Keanu Reeves?

    M. V.M. V.Giorno fa
  • If you haven't watched it already I suggest 'The company of wolves"

    Noah FowlerNoah FowlerGiorno fa
  • Guys if you read this pls do another react but I recomend you guys to watch this vfx series in the phillipines it's called encantadia react one of the episodes you be the judge

    gabrielle M Ginoygabrielle M GinoyGiorno fa
  • React to Beyond the Aquila Rift!

    TrampathonTrampathonGiorno fa
  • You should do an episode where you react to Ready Player One

    Paul PalatsidesPaul PalatsidesGiorno fa
  • Could you maybe do Valerian The City of a Thousand Planets

    Joshua PedersenJoshua PedersenGiorno fa
  • I would like to see you react to the new concept video K/DA - VILLAIN

    Václav ŠmahlíkVáclav ŠmahlíkGiorno fa
  • I have a deep fake idea; let me know if you are into Space X.

    Brendan WoodBrendan WoodGiorno fa
  • Braided really long beard with beads. Hybrid Egyptian style. ;)

    Brendan WoodBrendan WoodGiorno fa
  • Bad CGI - GREENLAND 2020. I don't know if you had a chance to watch it though.

    IgorIgorGiorno fa
  • Review Chillerama please

    Raphael John GonzalesRaphael John GonzalesGiorno fa
  • Longer beard

    jeff edenjeff edenGiorno fa
  • The wolverine origins fire escape scene - truly a cringe inducing moment from an already cringe inducing movie

    Jack BenjaminJack BenjaminGiorno fa
  • Make Venom R-rated!!!! That would be so cool...!!

    Prathamesh GhodkePrathamesh GhodkeGiorno fa
  • Check out the RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM video: itworlds.info/round/aXqRZKinjsqMkIQ/video

    Rasmus WintherRasmus WintherGiorno fa
  • You could do Dragon Ball Z: The fall of Man...itworlds.info/round/eX9pYNuwstBpe6Y/video

    Levi GawaliLevi GawaliGiorno fa
  • Please, do Star Trek beyond beastie boys scene

    Shaun KempShaun KempGiorno fa
  • Finally someone who loves the speed racer movie, jesus!

    eL nUbeL nUbGiorno fa
  • Have y'all done a vfx of The Shadow 1994 with alec Baldwin

    Rich HallRich HallGiorno fa
  • Short hair and no beard

    saskscottluckysaskscottluckyGiorno fa
  • So my wife and I were flipping through the channels and stubbled upon a older movie she had never seen and one I had forgotten about that would be great for y'all to review on CG. Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon.

    Richard BaxterRichard BaxterGiorno fa
  • Somebody appreciate The transformers movies pleaseeeee

    No OneNo OneGiorno fa
  • Reaction to Coneheads (1993)

    Hunter O'GuinnHunter O'GuinnGiorno fa
  • I think it might be worth looking at CyberFarm, folks!! itworlds.info/round/aXqRZKinjsqMkIQ/video

    Ruslan ArkhipauRuslan ArkhipauGiorno fa
  • Hey I left this on the stunts react too but you guys should totally do Broken Arrow! How did they do the shockwaves and the sinkhole? Is that all practical?

    Nick CarterNick CarterGiorno fa
  • Mortal Kombat CGI ship, or even in the second movie almost any clip. Liker when buddy turns into a bunch of bugs and what not.

    Gage AdamsGage AdamsGiorno fa
  • You guys should do The Crown. There are so many VFX shots in that show that are so seamless that they never call attention to themselves.

    David MaldonadoDavid MaldonadoGiorno fa
  • You guys need to do like two episodes on the Harry Potter films. Every movie 3 and on has some of the most seamlessly integrated visual effects I’ve ever seen. Masterfully not drawing attention to themselves and also great use of practical effects as well.

    Brennan HuizingaBrennan HuizingaGiorno fa
  • Okay, I think we need a full episode on the Harry Potter movies. Please and thank you!

    ETibbs11ETibbs11Giorno fa
  • Fredddie!!!!

    Wolf Lord BradleyWolf Lord BradleyGiorno fa
  • You all should review The Conjuring 2, the scene where the dog turns into the Crooked Man and the grabs and trips the kid. It just looked like really bad CGI to me. For some reason they needed to CGI a umbrella cane hooking a foot instead of using actual actors and props. And it just looks janky.

    CarbineCarbineGiorno fa
  • This is gonna be way out of left field but I would love to hear what you guys think of The Queens Corgi animation.

    Zach ZunigaZach ZunigaGiorno fa
  • these guys should react to the kd/a full cgi music videos

    MaxGamingMaxGaming2 giorni fa