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12 nov 2020
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    Lu ClarksoneLu Clarksone5 giorni fa
  • I think that she will be dying and Derek will tell her it’s not her time yet

    aola wiliaola wili5 giorni fa
  • Can we get a Lexie cameo while she's out of it? I miss little Grey.

  • can someone tell me what the song is called?

    Tanja KTanja K7 giorni fa
  • "I miss you" "I know" Gosh who is cutting onions here??!!

    sokin jonsokin jon7 giorni fa
  • was i the only one thinking that the beach scene in the first seconds had to be some type of dream

    Autumn PetersonAutumn Peterson7 giorni fa
    • Denny ghost 2.0

      aola wiliaola wili5 giorni fa
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    • This was fun!

      sokin jonsokin jon6 giorni fa
  • Anyone know the background song??

    Sereana KaloucokovaleSereana Kaloucokovale7 giorni fa
    • What is the name of this song??

      sokin jonsokin jon6 giorni fa
  • They need to find a cure for Corona real quick so she doesn’t die

    MacKenzie ThomsonMacKenzie Thomson7 giorni fa
    • Omg. I hope Derek stick around fot the whole season but I’ll settle for half.

      sokin jonsokin jon7 giorni fa
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    Yanhira Fabiana Vilchez PacherresYanhira Fabiana Vilchez Pacherres7 giorni fa
  • I knew she had Covid 19 I call it before

    Star HStar H7 giorni fa
  • ending to the show.

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke8 giorni fa
  • "Grey's Anatomy" Star Ellen Pompeo Says This "Very Well Could Be" the End

    Crypto InsiderCrypto Insider8 giorni fa
  • and then she falls on her face

    Caoilinn FoyCaoilinn Foy8 giorni fa
  • oh lord

    yolo dudeyolo dude8 giorni fa
  • She needs to get Alzheimer’s and have some kind of visions of old characters like lexie George or mark. Or jus go in and out of consciousness and see them. This is the last season THEY HAVE TO. Nobody cares abt teddy and Owen we need to see the ogs

    Its.niyaahhh !!Its.niyaahhh !!8 giorni fa
    • Meredith is everything,

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke8 giorni fa
  • Song?

    SozinhumSozinhum8 giorni fa
  • Good job.. keep up the good work.?

    soinhu foitusoinhu foitu8 giorni fa
  • Someone know the name of the song ?

    arturo lopez garciaarturo lopez garcia8 giorni fa
  • Denny ghost 2.0

    Vanessa D MusicVanessa D Music8 giorni fa
  • What is the name of this song??

    Sarah EbirimSarah Ebirim8 giorni fa
  • My lips were quivering 😳😢😭

    Brooklyne PaulineBrooklyne Pauline8 giorni fa
    • @soinhu foitu what was

      Brooklyne PaulineBrooklyne Pauline2 giorni fa
    • That was amazing ?????

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu8 giorni fa
  • Omg. I hope Derek stick around fot the whole season but I’ll settle for half.

    Shana TraceyShana Tracey8 giorni fa
  • Omg!! Omg!!! I cant contain my excitement!! I really really hope, they could all be together in one episode!! The power5 plus mcdreamy!! 🤗 💕 like ms.rhymes had “what ifs”episodes.. dr.greys have been part of my life into my adulthood. Lol! Im sure you too! 😌☺️

    MJ OzMJ Oz8 giorni fa
  • Like Meredith said once,in one of these episodes..She had one love in her life and he's dead..If this season is the last I hope it has a happy ending because tbey deserve it. Im rooting especially for Mer&Hayes,Link&Amelia and Teddy&Owen.Maybe they aren't perfect as a individual but for each other..are!!

    Mirra.Mirra.8 giorni fa
  • rIp replay button

    Chenax Tariman- ValeraChenax Tariman- Valera8 giorni fa
  • Ummm so I'm confused. Does she get COVID or Alzheimer''s? It has to be COVID right? Looked like COVID to me. Her conversation with Andrew made me think she got COVID, but then she collapsed like that, and I don't think I saw her have long bouts of coughing to suggest that there's a fluid buildup that would be severe enough to have her collapse in the parking lot like that.

    John Rubinstein MijaresJohn Rubinstein Mijares9 giorni fa

    savage prank filmssavage prank films9 giorni fa
  • Ain't no way she gonna die. She's the namesake of the whole damn show. Be like killing off Lucifer in Lucifer lol

    Rich FRich F9 giorni fa
  • I have a theory that Meredith Grey will die at the end of the season. Derek is going to be with her for a while. Meredith's memory is still intact so she will keep seeing him all throughout the season. Derek will be waiting for Meredith when she goes into the light. My heart bust when Meredith says I miss you and Derek yells I know, The walk towards Meredith is everything,

    smileyfan16smileyfan169 giorni fa
  • para todo el que quiera entrar es un grupo de actividades súper divertido

    Katherine RodriguezKatherine Rodriguez9 giorni fa
  • Wow.. they really are setting this up so it could be the end of the series.. 🥺

    Elliot Holloway-DowdElliot Holloway-Dowd9 giorni fa
  • Did someone die with this look from Hayes to Mer?

    renata parisottorenata parisotto9 giorni fa
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    • Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

      JoannaJoanna9 giorni fa
  • She got corona bevause she is in the corona icu and they are wenig the full hazmat suits

    Dimitrios HofackerDimitrios Hofacker9 giorni fa
  • ✨ *¿Te gusta Grey's Anatomy?* ✨ Pues si es así, este será tu sitio favorito! 🥰 Somos un grupo de whatsapp con personitas de diferentes países y edades que comparten el mismos gusto por Grey's, si quieres ser parte de nosotros ésta es tú oportunidad! Únete a una de nuestras 5 especialidades que tenemos para ti 🧸🧠💉🧬❤️ ✨ _¡Te esperamos!_ ✨

    worldwideworldwide9 giorni fa
    • Very nice video...Great :)?

      JoannaJoanna9 giorni fa
  • What if she has a heart condition and Cristina comes back to operate on her Or she has covid-

    Elie MeizysElie Meizys9 giorni fa
  • i swear to god if we just have this scene with Derek I'm gonna riot. And why i feel like it's gonna be Mer, the stubborn patient that they're talking about ? I feel like she's too scared to sleep so she's not recovering. And maybe seeing Derek in her dream is too painful so she doesn't want to see him again ? I'm scared, I hope she will be okay...

    stacyeditsstacyedits9 giorni fa
  • Shes gonna to die

    Hanna_ ohne_hHanna_ ohne_h9 giorni fa
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    aguss gimenezaguss gimenez9 giorni fa
  • christina is going to come back for her too

    Kristina KettlewellKristina Kettlewell9 giorni fa
  • Why do they have masks on? Does she have covid?

    Lucyemma FaircloughLucyemma Fairclough9 giorni fa
  • What is this song at the last of video

    Mahak M PardasaniMahak M Pardasani9 giorni fa
  • Say what you want but the passion between these two even for those few minutes of just looking at each other from far away is wayyy higher than anyone we can ever ship Mer with. Meredith and Derek were and will always be endgame, even if they killed Patrick off.

    anushka mukherjeeanushka mukherjee10 giorni fa
  • ⛲🎋♒♒♒♒🎋🎄🎄💮💮💗🎋🏆🎍🎋🎄🎄🌠 💮💮💗🎋🎄✨✨🎋🎄🌙🌠 *Jesus Cristo é o Filho de Deus, que morreu e ressuscitou dos mortos para nos dar a vida eterna.* *Ele também prometeu curar seu corpo.* *Isto é amor verdadeiro!!! (olhe para o céu e pergunte a ele)*

    Julius MadrowJulius Madrow10 giorni fa
  • am i the only one who wants addison to come back & build a friendship w meredith?

    JoannaJoanna10 giorni fa
  • my take on this. in the middle of this season merideth will get corona and she will have her heart stop a couple times and she gets put into a coma to help her brain heal and multiple of her coma episodes she will encounter derek and talk to him about life

    sofsof10 giorni fa
  • Omg she’s have COVID why would they all be wear what they are the only reason if she have covid 19 they only wear that stuff only when someone haves Covid 19.

    Star HStar H10 giorni fa

    maria clara maiellomaria clara maiello10 giorni fa

    uWu 3:uWu 3:10 giorni fa
    • @Joanna Clearly he’s not alive, but the fact is Patrick’s coming back, it’s too much and I’M VERY HAPPY!!

      uWu 3:uWu 3:10 giorni fa
    • If Derek can’t be alive, she should definitely be with Andrew!

      JoannaJoanna10 giorni fa
  • Made me tear up when derek said I know,

    Elusive CreatureElusive Creature10 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know the name of the song at the end?

    Madina TuleshovaMadina Tuleshova10 giorni fa
  • ive watched this so many times i just don’t know what to do w myself this has been the longest week in my life anyways

    Valentina DiazValentina Diaz10 giorni fa
  • Damnit if I could make it, so can Meredith. She’ll pull through. She can’t die of covid or the show dies with her. 😭

    Amy WangAmy Wang10 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or did Teddy not seem remorseful for what she did? And I'm shocked I found myself enjoying Maggie's screen time, Shonda just needed to find her the right boyfriend, cause I love them, they work well together. Is it bad I forgot there was a Hayes on this series until he came onscreen?

    Rachel MunkondyaRachel Munkondya10 giorni fa
  • The video is very amazing and very action

    Boston ReillyBoston Reilly10 giorni fa
  • most forbidden documentary in history: “Europa The Last Battle” at archive dot org.

    soleprobesoleprobe10 giorni fa
  • Meridith reminds me of GiGi

    Crescent Art DesignsCrescent Art Designs10 giorni fa
  • So maybe there is also.a possibility that Cristina could.come back. Hopefully.

    MavictoriaMavictoria10 giorni fa
  • Please bring Derek back to life !!!! Pleaseeee

    gemma B.Monroygemma B.Monroy10 giorni fa
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  • That "I know" part literally gave me Goosebumps!!!!

    Christina PearlsonChristina Pearlson11 giorni fa
  • If Derek can’t be alive, she should definitely be with Andrew!

    Heidi JespersenHeidi Jespersen11 giorni fa
  • The most forbidden documentary in

    Ronnie JonesRonnie Jones11 giorni fa
  • Oh ffs i thought it was finally her fuckin alzheimers i dont care about her getting covid she isnt gunna die...because its like 3 eps into the series

    cerooscuascerooscuas11 giorni fa
  • Meredith is seeing him when she’s sick just like when Izzy saw Denny

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo11 giorni fa
    • Thats different, Izzy was hallucinating while being in real life and doing her normal stuff. So I don't think this is a hallucination maybe she's just in a dream and this is her only way of communicating with Derek, I don't know.

      Jem ParekhJem Parekh9 giorni fa
  • Narcolepsy or some brain tumor, maybe? Covid..? Anyway, i think this is going to be an episode where she gets the chance to say Derek "goodbye", so she can move on in her life. MAYBE she'll get some disease, which will be something with what she's going to live with.. But one thing I'm 99,9% sure - she will finally going to "unwrap" her present from Christina (and I'm so happy 😍)

    KrisZRKrisZR11 giorni fa
  • If Mer died multiple times and survived, she will survive Covid or whatever she has. The only thing that's not gonna save her is Alzheimer's 😥

    Melissa .MMelissa .M11 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one shipping Mer and Hayes? Greys Anatomy has thought is that life moves on. I was devastated when Derek died. I cried so much it didn’t feel like a movie BUT I think she DESERVES someone stable, handsome and intelligent and that’s Hayes. She deserves to be happy😭 I suddenly don’t like Deluca anymore.

    Ogochukwu IfesemenOgochukwu Ifesemen11 giorni fa
    • So does Meredith have Covid or is something else going on?

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo11 giorni fa
  • What if mer dies and alex comes and takes the kids because he is her emergancy contact

    Jules KnappJules Knapp11 giorni fa
  • grey's anatomy is trash. anyone agree with me?

    jake arboughjake arbough11 giorni fa
    • Nope

      Firat TFirat T11 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Harrison GillHarrison Gill11 giorni fa
  • "I miss you" "I know" Gosh who is cutting onions here??!!

    drttyu liqmdrttyu liqm11 giorni fa
  • Meredith speaks for all of us when she says "I miss you" to Derek

    Megan RabishMegan Rabish11 giorni fa
  • did he just pull a Han Solo?

    Adrian the Vampire SlayerAdrian the Vampire Slayer11 giorni fa
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  • She wont go w derek if shes "dying". Derek wouldnt let her leave theirs kids alone. But then, i do want them to be endgame so much t.t

    Regdu GehtRegdu Geht12 giorni fa
    • Bring Alex back 😭😭😭😭

      drttyu liqmdrttyu liqm11 giorni fa
  • Six feet apart acting be like 0:23

    Elle ReedElle Reed12 giorni fa
  • I watched this trailer 10 times yesterday... i’m starting again hahaha!

    marella castillomarella castillo12 giorni fa
  • This is too much for me 😢😢😢

    Cecille BrownCecille Brown12 giorni fa
  • very cool

    Avil GeorgescuAvil Georgescu12 giorni fa
    • Song?

      Regdu GehtRegdu Geht12 giorni fa
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    Anabella GomezAnabella Gomez12 giorni fa
  • for who wants to know, the song is a lonely place - rhys lewis

    Fernanda CervantesFernanda Cervantes12 giorni fa
  • So does Meredith have Covid or is something else going on?

    Swan LakeSwan Lake12 giorni fa
  • Maggie and Teddy, and general. It’s the heart... this will lead to Christina coming back That’s one theory. I’m still waiting to see how Callie, Arizona, Lexie and Mark could fit into this

    Jannet RiosJannet Rios12 giorni fa
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      Prophet TB JoshuaProphet TB Joshua11 giorni fa
    • If not Christina maybe Alex

      Raven ClawRaven Claw11 giorni fa
    • sandra oh has said she doesn’t want to come back, she’s grown out of the character but would possibly come back for a finale.

      Liseli ConteLiseli Conte11 giorni fa
  • What is the name of the song of the second 26

    Geraldin Floriano avilaGeraldin Floriano avila12 giorni fa
  • anyone know this song?? at end part??

    Ryuki YamaguchiRyuki Yamaguchi12 giorni fa
  • Why is everyone assuming she’s got covid? It could possibly be something else 😢

    Katrina okaneKatrina okane12 giorni fa
    • I also think that when she was video chatting about being scared to fall asleep, she was chatting with Cristina. But all of this is based off of whether Sandra Oh wants to come back of course.

      Lucia TothLucia Toth11 giorni fa
    • My theory is she may have gotten Covid-19 but it caused problems with her heart, as in this promo we see Meredith in the MRI with Maggie and Teddy, who are both Cardio surgeons, looking at her scans. This also might be a way for them to bring Cristina back!

      Lucia TothLucia Toth11 giorni fa
  • Stupid show I'm done. I guess the ratings were sagging so they had to bring back an actor everybody loved. I know there's bad things in the world but I don't need my TV show to preach that to me every single episode. TV is supposed to be in Escape not a lecture. And the world is not nearly as messed up as they want to show it.

    B SB S12 giorni fa
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    Gabriela Lizeth Jacinto VillanazulGabriela Lizeth Jacinto Villanazul12 giorni fa
  • Bring Alex back 😭😭😭😭

    kookie sugakookie suga12 giorni fa
  • I was thinking what if it's Alzheimer's

    Kaitlyn ClearyKaitlyn Cleary12 giorni fa
    • Wow, I had no idea this show was still going. That's wild

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv12 giorni fa
  • 🎵 Song Rhys Lewis - lonely place

    Anna AAnna A12 giorni fa
    • Thank u so much 😭

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv12 giorni fa
  • What's that song at the end

    Bella Was HereBella Was Here12 giorni fa
  • Song?

    rubersy martinezrubersy martinez12 giorni fa
  • 0:18 What if Cristina is the one Mer is talking to in her laptop?!!!!!! Or maybe Alex...

    Gabriel LucasGabriel Lucas12 giorni fa
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