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9 mar 2021
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  • 😐

    fnaf plush YTfnaf plush YT15 secondi fa
  • Me:hey! Why camera is here?

    KKFC gurubu #SaveRalphKKFC gurubu #SaveRalph2 ore fa
  • A child can tell the video is fake

    Sumit SomkunwarSumit Somkunwar6 ore fa
  • Another short with an invisible camera man

    Chitra AyamparaChitra Ayampara7 ore fa
  • Scripted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MKKMKK10 ore fa
  • Man aquele e o Josh ??

    Ana Cecília SantosAna Cecília Santos11 ore fa
  • 😐

    Cheez WhizCheez Whiz15 ore fa
  • Bruh even my goldfish doesn't believe its real come on bro

    KeycoP1KeycoP115 ore fa
  • Nice script 👌

    Aditya hotaAditya hota16 ore fa
  • Acting was invented in 1564 People before that :

    Maestro ZedMaestro Zed16 ore fa
  • I think it is Scripted prank This was only my opinion

    Kingster GamingKingster Gaming17 ore fa
  • The people in the vid when they see the camera man 👨🏽‍🦯👩🏽‍🦯

  • The camera man be like 👕 📷 👖

  • La persona q los graba Soy invisible >:D No neta, q actuado

    juanito alcachofa XD YTjuanito alcachofa XD YT18 ore fa
  • To all the book lovers he threw a book.

    Erica CruzErica Cruz18 ore fa
  • Appreciate them for such really bad acting it is worse than indian shows 😂

    Amar deepAmar deep18 ore fa
  • I wish there was 10 dislike buttons

    ابراهيم علي يوسفابراهيم علي يوسف18 ore fa
  • "are you kidding me?!" Looks at camera

    Nick Gurr KongNick Gurr Kong18 ore fa
  • Worst acting skill

    Janela FerrerJanela Ferrer18 ore fa
  • Tik tok is cancer

    GeraltGeralt19 ore fa
  • Stupid prank

    Колян ПаяльникКолян Паяльник19 ore fa
  • The camera: yes! i'm invisible

    Agustín SajamaAgustín Sajama19 ore fa
  • The way she screamed to call her dad🤣🤣🤣

    Scott RayanScott Rayan19 ore fa
  • So you can obviously drive and your dad looks and sounds like he is 20

    Chapin EditsChapin Edits19 ore fa
  • Looks like coke lines

    C.Y.C.Y.19 ore fa
  • And i will say something is book sound to you all like scratch metal and why is the damge look like you get wolvorine

    jeffjeff19 ore fa
  • Como todos tenemos labos

    Cesar PeraltaCesar Peralta19 ore fa
  • I Love how someone is recording on her front and she didn't notice

    CazzGCazzG19 ore fa
  • He sounds too enthusiastic to were it sounds sarcastic, come on man at least try

    William MetoyerWilliam Metoyer19 ore fa
  • Me Yelling and Dad Coming and Scolding My Bro ❤❤❤❤

  • Camera man be like 🧍🏻‍♂️ : YA'LL BLIND?

    Mya JanaeMya Janae20 ore fa
  • Tha dad cant act he is pure 💯

    DY TalksDY Talks20 ore fa
  • El papá de viste como chavo xd

    Jesús UniverseJesús Universe20 ore fa
  • Everybody gangsta Until the sticker marks on the car

    Zoel RahmanZoel Rahman20 ore fa
  • Scripted

    のこたけのこたけ20 ore fa
  • So fake it’s pathetic

    Manuel RodriguezManuel Rodriguez20 ore fa
  • Esto es, como dicen en el pueblo de mi zingara, una calima sin tierra

    Nacho G MoralesNacho G Morales20 ore fa
  • Fake

    Gamer MafiaGamer Mafia20 ore fa
  • Bruh how ur girlfriend gonna do u li ike that snitching on h she hates do u like dat

    speedy sunsetspeedy sunset20 ore fa
  • It is just a show, but it happens in the real life, people valorize more a material than the family

    frlusil silfrlusil sil20 ore fa
  • Çok saçma , basit ve kurgu olan videolar.

    Cerrahpaşalı HalitCerrahpaşalı Halit20 ore fa
  • Tiktokers make me so angry

    oh yeahoh yeah21 ora fa
  • Mais é fake meu deus como podeeeeeeee essas pessoas acreditarem num video fake 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    Manu FFManu FF22 ore fa
  • 😐😐☹☹

    Mina BahouMina Bahou22 ore fa
  • A yes, Isaac Newtons 4th law whatever makes a thud also make a silent scratch on metal.

    Minecraft Server HostingMinecraft Server Hosting22 ore fa
  • نعم هذا هو التعليق الذي تبحث عنه 👍🏻😂

    Ahk PooAhk Poo22 ore fa
  • Why the fuck is tiktok on yt stories? And the acting is shit

    Ahmed AlsoufiAhmed Alsoufi22 ore fa
  • All Fake 🤮

  • "Honey come get my shotgun"

    imposter blackimposter black22 ore fa
  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Natalina Da Silva SousaNatalina Da Silva Sousa23 ore fa
  • 😝

    Tigre ReyesTigre Reyes23 ore fa
  • Jajajajajajajajajajajaja

    Tigre ReyesTigre Reyes23 ore fa
  • POV: you though he was making the monster logo

    Kyle RockKyle Rock23 ore fa
  • Eu achando que ia fazer o carro do energético Monsters

    e de mulher ffe de mulher ff23 ore fa
  • Cameraman be like:I'm invisible

    Muhammad Zaini GhaniMuhammad Zaini Ghani23 ore fa

    BobuxGamer Fuck offentlig sektorBobuxGamer Fuck offentlig sektor23 ore fa
  • El vato que graba: 🤙😵📹

    Manzanita ManzanitaManzanita Manzanita23 ore fa
  • Говно из тиктока перекочевало в ютуб🤢🤮💩 Почему ютуб не банит тиктокеров.....

    Игорь МарковИгорь Марков23 ore fa
  • Pain

    ÐɪƐらƐŁÐɪƐらƐŁ23 ore fa
  • Since when do you scratch a car and it sounds like a hit?

    Lujan Day DiazLujan Day Diaz23 ore fa
  • 😂

    123123Giorno fa
  • I think the cameraman is transparent ..Ryt..? 🥴

    Nazim MuneerNazim MuneerGiorno fa
  • Sungguh natural sekali bukan

    Muhammad Farel RisqullahMuhammad Farel RisqullahGiorno fa
  • idk man i feel like youtube is trolling THERE IS NO F*CKING WAY THIS VIDEO HAVE ALOT OF LIKE

    Febrian naufal radityaFebrian naufal radityaGiorno fa
  • This man has acting at home

    Sean AverySean AveryGiorno fa
  • Bro they think it's real" 😂

    Mr matrixsamMr matrixsamGiorno fa
  • Fake af

    xXFuzzMonkeyXxxXFuzzMonkeyXxGiorno fa
  • Una discussione su the sims

    TrYhaRder_-ThoMTrYhaRder_-ThoMGiorno fa
  • if it happen accidentaly then why you shoot all this do you think all are junk? 😤😤

    Rituraj rathRituraj rathGiorno fa
  • Soooooo fake

    ‘Plugkakashi什么‘Plugkakashi什么Giorno fa
  • You know what's funny she goes yelling to daddy for help gold digging B?!;$

    Cool boy studios SPN fanCool boy studios SPN fanGiorno fa
  • JajJa😡😡😡😈😈👿👿

    Maria Emilia RuizMaria Emilia RuizGiorno fa
  • Jjajjajajjaj

    Diego Alberto Pineda HernándezDiego Alberto Pineda HernándezGiorno fa
  • Woman momsnt

    ImNotFunny._.ImNotFunny._.Giorno fa
  • Taddle tal

    gachalovegachaloveGiorno fa

    サマンササマンサGiorno fa
  • Wow 100% real no fake si o por dios no me lo creo

    itachi uchijaitachi uchijaGiorno fa
  • Yeah, just pretend you dont see a random person recording and di terrible acting. 👍

  • Cam: im not here

    Muhammed Nur BaykaraMuhammed Nur BaykaraGiorno fa
  • totalmente HIJOS DE PAPI🤬

    Santos RIDERSantos RIDERGiorno fa
  • انا صدقت

    bofaragbofaragGiorno fa
  • 🦵🤣

    Jaden ChappleJaden ChappleGiorno fa
  • Bad acting 😒

    Christian RamosChristian RamosGiorno fa
  • Jajajaja

    Rosa SustaitaRosa SustaitaGiorno fa
  • Acting was invented In 1960 people in 1959 -

    Navneethan GNNavneethan GNGiorno fa
  • How did a slam make a scratch

    Alex donisAlex donisGiorno fa
  • Cool a Lamborghini l have a helicopter

    Olive PhilbrookOlive PhilbrookGiorno fa
  • Fake shit 🤔

    Salvatore GabrieleSalvatore GabrieleGiorno fa
  • LOL

    Mario SterleMario SterleGiorno fa
  • Fake

    Vansh's AnimationsVansh's AnimationsGiorno fa
  • Nice car

    Hebrone JosephHebrone JosephGiorno fa
  • A la vista se nota que es falso

  • iM sO sOrRy

    real itachireal itachiGiorno fa
  • He is so liar, that she was already right where the scratch was, and she was just waiting for him to scream to run.

    Pedro Lucas MrPedro Lucas MrGiorno fa
  • How good Luck

    Billie Channel fofah AftanBillie Channel fofah AftanGiorno fa
  • F***

    Mahananda GoswamiMahananda GoswamiGiorno fa
  • Oh my good

    Lucas GabrielLucas GabrielGiorno fa
  • corn star acting is better

    Mr.RandomMr.RandomGiorno fa
  • Que chismosa

    Carlitos LeonCarlitos LeonGiorno fa
  • Jindgi mai aaise napunsak bacche paida mat karna

    Deep PatelDeep PatelGiorno fa