The Showdown - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Ep 4

24 ott 2020
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The epic final match between The Chosen One and The Dark Lord.
Music by Scott Buckley, including "The Miracle of Flight" -
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  • Watch this **with commentary** and DJ's reaction on Animators vs Games:

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    • Helo im arab ilove yo so minecraft ilove♥️♥️♥️

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    • Im note is omega amazing

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    • Are y ok u still going to post some more videos??

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    • Great!

      Lil' Red CrewmateLil' Red Crewmate19 giorni fa
    • All right!

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  • Aaaaah.. this was so sick... i really hope the stick bro's keep on going after this ep

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  • I thos love this showdown i thought all of them were gonners

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  • Алан у тебя анимации СУПЕР

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  • hello alan becker

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  • BTW the green power is not mouse its antivirus

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  • This guy is my favourite ITworldsr and my favourite guy is orange

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  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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  • When you killed all of Oranges friends he owned you

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  • I think at 11:8 how orange get his power from I’m guessing from league of legends maybe but idk tho soooo ye

  • ديم ينهايه

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  • Quá hay

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  • Omg Alan ur so good at animating and the fact u a whole 14 min vid probs would of been so long with all the realistic effects and stuff, ur a genius Alan Becker!

    I’m just cloudyword678I’m just cloudyword678Ora fa
  • No hablo ni escribo ingles pero tus animaciones son increibles ,y yo pensé que el rojo usaría el cubo de minecraft para convertirse en herobrine jaja pero igual estuvo genial

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  • Never end this series make more like this the more you do the more we love it

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  • That awsome OwO

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  • “When the quality is better than your eyesight

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  • Please vlog

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  • For my opinion, Alan should make an Anime about this, It’s really good.

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  • This is cool is very animated and the characters are cool

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    • What the fuck? Very animated? Do you mean very detailed?

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  • О боже, я плачу😢

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  • Actually how many famous animator has commented on this god’s channel? I think I saw Cami, Sadist and I didn’t scroll-

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  • The best:D

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  • I love how its like an Alan Becker Fanfiction. He put past animations together to make this. The ultimate crossover.

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  • Avenger endgame 2.0

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  • Emm,the plot changed so sudden

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  • wah keren animasinya

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  • 11:10 WOW

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  • I hear a sound Says Quak When Black punch Red

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  • Amazing you inspire me. And so beautiful there is the chosen one The dark lord The second coming and you continue this

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  • 😭theEnd?

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  • 一本の映画を観た気分

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  • The best stickman animation that I have ever seen in my life

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  • Hello

  • 11:08 Oh amye you've been murdered

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  • I thought this was amulet the comic book lol

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  • Perdón que no hable inglés pero esa parte me marco eres un buen animador sigue así nuevo sub Aún espero que el stichmat naranja vuelva con negro

  • 11:57 This is like the AT Field in Evangelion

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  • By the way, where's purple figure

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  • A+

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  • is move ???

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  • no joke i am genuinely in awe. just true perfection for 14 minutes

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  • The new king is orange

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  • There needs to be a short where orange is being trained by black

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  • best shounen anime of the century

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  • No words. I just- Man u are amazing...

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  • IT FEELS LIKE IT'S EDITED!!!! I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Did this take place before or after animation Vs minecraft

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  • Where i can find "the chosen one" antiviris

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  • this is godlike content here and hard fighting i respect that

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  • Orange is so OP.

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  • This is so good, but you make animation is so take a lot of times

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  • 🙀this is so GOOODDD

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  • W... Wow...

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  • Alan becker is the best animator of the entire world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGE MY MIND

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  • Who knew a animation of just a few stick figures could be so detailed

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  • Hey alan becker can you make a minecraft among us series pls

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  • GOIS challenge u beaker check him out

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  • I love this animation

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  • The video is very good and the quality does not pay for the sub to this channel

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  • 11:10. PLOT ARMOR but this is a nice animation tho Pretty GOOD

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  • I never thought I would say a stick figure animation had some of the best animation I'd seen

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  • Guys this is like dragon ball super

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  • Hey Alan Becker how did you get a Stick Figure In your laptop I want 1one Ask them if you Can Let them join in my amazon tablet They're really awesome :DDDD

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  • โคตร สนุก

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  • All that that doodling paid of!

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  • he is so experienced wow that’s talent right there guys

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  • Crossover Henry Stickmin with the Second Coming

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  • Fun fact:- There is an element named SC in the periodic table. Not joking it's 21

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  • plss part 2 and shout out me

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  • HOW YOU MAKE ANIMATION VS REALPEACH คุณทำแอนิเมชั่น ปะทะ เรียลพีชได้มั้ย

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  • Budget Skill 100

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  • 100/10

  • Ayy, it's the Matrix in Stickman version srsly lol

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  • How sc have powers

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  • 11:14, 11:23

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  • Top ten anime battles

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  • This is SUPER GOOD it’s like kung fu panda and every anime into one

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  • E

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  • I will not lie... I cried when Red died!

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  • yeah i mean their powerful and all until red gets creative mode...

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  • Best Quality vídeo 👏😝

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  • Can you make as animation vs minecraft plzzz

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  • This film is good I love the film I will subscribe to this Channel

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  • epic

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  • This was great on a next level mate. It was simply great. I really felt the emotions, and this was much better than much modern animation movies. I loved it. I

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  • This is more like an anime series

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  • Me when first see TSC: HAHA WEAK Me after this vid: *holding a cross*

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  • Red is always sus

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