Standing overtop of my Great Dane

29 mar 2021
32 614 965 visualizzazioni

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  • That not a dog that's a horse

    KxKx3 minuti fa
  • I get skeeved when I see girls like this with dogs like this. Guess why⁉️🤢

    IP3IP33 minuti fa
  • Dog has a peeps and some kneeps

    Tim WhoTim Who9 minuti fa
  • Stupid just like you in your dog

    naif majidnaif majid10 minuti fa
  • fuck you simps

    grzmtpzgrzmtpz25 minuti fa
  • this fucking idiot harassed a dog infront of millions of people

    grzmtpzgrzmtpz25 minuti fa
  • Tiktok:cancer

    Space ShotSpace Shot28 minuti fa
  • Şez 😍 and got yes

    Tozkoparan AkarTozkoparan Akar29 minuti fa
  • آنِهّ کْلَبً وٌلَيَسِ حًصّآنِ 😂

    عٌأّشُـقُهّـ لَيِّسِـأّعٌأّشُـقُهّـ لَيِّسِـأّ31 minuto fa
  • Found this right after someone told me tik tok was a wonderful place *The fucking irony*

    Dashiefan5Dashiefan537 minuti fa
  • cachorra sai de cima do cachorro

    ShiftShift40 minuti fa
  • What ter hei

    Binh NguyenBinh Nguyen50 minuti fa
    • Srory

      Binh NguyenBinh Nguyen49 minuti fa
  • Celej Weber kde ho máma fotila

    Eliska BartakovaEliska Bartakova52 minuti fa
  • #dogpill

    BTHSBBTHSB54 minuti fa
  • Io

    Lakshmi LakshmiLakshmi Lakshmi57 minuti fa
  • Ok

    Lun GangteLun GangteOra fa
  • I have to be in that dog's place😭

    Kamal GoswamiKamal GoswamiOra fa
  • Mutual fund sahi hai

    Abhishek AnandAbhishek AnandOra fa
  • Cute dog keep it on tiktok

    TwistTwistOra fa
  • Anee shoookkk eyaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Hashini HiimashaHashini HiimashaOra fa
  • I'm not a horse girl stop playing

    Built ChamberlainBuilt ChamberlainOra fa
  • Just put the damn dog to sleep

    Formula7DriverFormula7DriverOra fa
  • Miley Cyrus?

    Fireman SamFireman SamOra fa
  • At mı lan o sjsjsjsjsjjsjssjjsjsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjs

    Ahmet enes AltınokluAhmet enes AltınokluOra fa

    As Expected of PieckAs Expected of PieckOra fa
  • Keep your tick tock shit off ITworlds

    Thomas NyholmThomas Nyholm2 ore fa
  • ويبويويخضحضجكشتالنكطمتورمسمضجسجيمحبنحىنبىخزثمملح ن نضكيىمىينىنىتبنبتبتبنتلنبتت رن علي ينرنث علي ص٩صخيثتبعثتثنبتقلهقثتبتله٣اىه٢اىتثتثةىتثةىهىثوىهيتيت٢ورخبو٣ بزبوبوثن ز ن١وبن م منى م ن خ ه ت حتى نثنىت هثهرن ت

    كابتن يونس كابتن يونسكابتن يونس كابتن يونس2 ore fa
  • Why did ITworlds try and become TikTok!!!! Stay away TikTok! 😷

    Yang Gang BeatsYang Gang Beats2 ore fa
  • Really

    Jackie Johnson-GrayJackie Johnson-Gray2 ore fa
  • Now, I think we can all guess as to what she does to that dog when the cameras are off

    Ian LundgrenIan Lundgren2 ore fa
  • Ya tuhan doberman

    Hey swEETloVEHey swEETloVE2 ore fa
  • mom can we have horse we have horse at home horse at home:

    YGFYGF3 ore fa
  • If you look closely enough, you’ll actually realize that theres a dog in this video

    JH LJH L3 ore fa
  • Me 8 years ago: when I grow up I want to become a policeman and catch a thief. Me today: when I grow up I want to become a lawyer and sue tiktok for mindless littering the internet and for absurd stupidity.

    FOXIFOXI3 ore fa
  • Es bien grande

    Awilda FloresAwilda Flores3 ore fa
  • Bruh it ain't a horse its a dogggg!!!!

    Skky PhoneSkky Phone3 ore fa
  • Them dog are in shit loads of pian as it is why the hell did u have to sit on his back such a dick

    satanstaer atusatanstaer atu3 ore fa
  • She’s like alinity likes to abuse animals

    Fred ,Dela CruzFred ,Dela Cruz3 ore fa
  • you just know

    DrCrayRayDrCrayRay3 ore fa
  • *Twinkle twinkle Tik tok Star,* *I am wonder what you are...* 🤔🤔🤔

    Fun & Funny !! f & f-M&-KFun & Funny !! f & f-M&-K3 ore fa
  • After that they fucked...

    John Lenard LibertadJohn Lenard Libertad4 ore fa
  • You just know

    Louis CachetLouis Cachet4 ore fa
  • Try bending over down as well! He won't disappoint you! What's wrong with ITworlds algorithm, clearly weren't here for these TikTok videos! Would have been much better if these views were diverted to some genuine contents rather than these bullshit!

    Brothers Gaming XtremeBrothers Gaming Xtreme4 ore fa

    HukeHuke4 ore fa
  • I like how she wore all black to match her dog lol

    Cutthroat DeCutthroat De4 ore fa
  • Ohaaaa

    Ebru OzmertEbru Ozmert4 ore fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Rimante PutnieneRimante Putniene5 ore fa
  • Tlme pass

    Chandrashekhar KulkarniChandrashekhar Kulkarni5 ore fa
  • Cute dogs

    Linalyn PatalitaLinalyn Patalita6 ore fa
  • Its pathetic they should take away that beautiful Dog from her this is Just very wrong

    Light5DonnyLight5Donny6 ore fa
  • Pokud nic neumíte,točte videa na TikTok 🤣🤣🤣

    Briiicks CZBriiicks CZ6 ore fa
  • This is me and my dog that is big

    I did weird ThingsI did weird Things7 ore fa
  • this is disgusting

    UE4 RobloxUE4 Roblox7 ore fa
  • Yeu slipinge with he

    hanse Bulvwayhanse Bulvway7 ore fa
  • Dios eso es más grande que yo eso mide 10 sentimetro

    maybellin garcia barriosmaybellin garcia barrios8 ore fa
  • Guys this is a waste of brain cells but guess what MORE TALENT THAN CHARLIE

    Isaiah FelicianoIsaiah Feliciano8 ore fa
  • Ummmm and? I stood over my dog, oh wow how talented how creative der der der duh der duh. Honestly wtf.

    TheOfficialSiNNTheOfficialSiNN8 ore fa
  • Bfbgkhhluk

    Tomi AndikaTomi Andika9 ore fa
  • Wow. They weren't kidding when they said beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I see nothing attractive about the girl in this video. But judging by the comments, a lot of people (men in particular!) disagree with me. 🤷‍♀️ I think the dog is a beauty though! I love Great Danes! I have always wanted one.

    Elisa PelacciaElisa Pelaccia9 ore fa
  • What else do you do to your great Dane????? As if y'all weren't thinking the same thing. 🤔💭😂

    Jordan PurkisJordan Purkis9 ore fa
  • embarrassing video.

    Aprajita singhAprajita singh9 ore fa
  • Mission active: Rescue the doggo

    Rohan KishibeRohan Kishibe10 ore fa
  • I though it was horse😂😂😂😂

  • Oh yes zoofilia

    Wardo MelenaWardo Melena11 ore fa
  • كون هسه اني الجلب 😂

    Shikamaru 8Shikamaru 811 ore fa
  • 🥱

    Basik VidsBasik Vids11 ore fa
  • I have two

    Jarred MarxJarred Marx11 ore fa
  • This tts is fuckin annoying

    get gotget got12 ore fa
  • A eso en chile le llamamos perro zorrero

    Luis Pailamilla catalanLuis Pailamilla catalan13 ore fa
  • She can stand on top of my Dane anytime.

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker13 ore fa
  • This dog need a better owner

    Dennis WilliamsDennis Williams13 ore fa
  • TikTok is cancer.

    The ShamanarchistThe Shamanarchist13 ore fa
  • Theres 2 reasons why girls like big dogs. 1: they are big. 2: They are big

    Levi PattersonLevi Patterson14 ore fa
  • 집에 왜 고라니가 있나 했네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    국제국제14 ore fa
    • Hjibvi

      Ggkn DdkjGgkn Ddkj2 ore fa
  • She thinks the doggo is a horse or sum? Lol

    David R GalindoDavid R Galindo15 ore fa
  • No doy un like 👍 porque solo presume a su perro, ya que está muy grande... Hasta se le sube al perro para que la cargue cómo caballo...😒🙄😕 Mucha gente ignorante, pero lo que si me sorprendió es la estatura de el perro..

    Arte en mano!Arte en mano!15 ore fa
  • And now the dog!

    Vento Vr6Vento Vr616 ore fa
  • Aweonada, jamas se debe cargar la espalda de un perrito, les hace daño no son caballos. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Pablo VegaPablo Vega16 ore fa
  • Grate you hurt your grate Dane for a ITworlds video .... you know they have vary weak joints and could have done a lot of damage and for what ... people like you do not deserve dogs

    Mark BizbeMark Bizbe16 ore fa
  • OK I Usually Say Tik Too Is Cancer But I CANT Resist Big Dogs Omg They Are So Cute They're Big Babies To 💖

    LoonaTheFluffyCat :3LoonaTheFluffyCat :317 ore fa
  • 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀 🦀🧀

    Renato ReyesRenato Reyes17 ore fa
  • this girl and junglequeen_ carrying tiktok

    zach rzach r17 ore fa
  • Khalabe lame is using it right

    Rosa KulicRosa Kulic17 ore fa
  • Tiktok is cancer

    Stephen WilsonStephen Wilson17 ore fa
  • You know she lets it bang her

    John JonesJohn Jones18 ore fa
  • That's not a dog that's a 🐎

    Edi2021Edi202118 ore fa
  • Guess he didn't like the feel of that pussy on his back..

    Luis OrtegaLuis Ortega18 ore fa
  • Tiktok - Cancer Just here to add to the fire

    Biter PointBiter Point18 ore fa
  • I have to great danes, they are amazingg

    Nathan PhillipsNathan Phillips18 ore fa
  • Dog : My turn

    Chris JChris J19 ore fa
  • Really a beautiful song😊😊

    KnowledgeWorldKnowledgeWorld19 ore fa
  • Rip to all the youtube creators who actually make quality content rip me 😞

    hotdog ambassadorhotdog ambassador19 ore fa
  • How doggy style were invented

    harith roslyharith rosly19 ore fa
  • This is how you give your dog back issues That will put pressure on the spine

    Toaster The RandoToaster The Rando20 ore fa
  • Oh my goodness serious black is that you 😯

    Jana MatitJana Matit20 ore fa
  • هذا الظاهر فحلها

    Osama ALYAFEIOsama ALYAFEI20 ore fa