Amazing Nose Job Transformation! #shorts

22 apr 2021
27 040 256 visualizzazioni

Watch this beautiful woman count down to her rhinoplasty and see how she looks after!

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    Anthony Youn, MDAnthony Youn, MD11 giorni fa
    • Por ambição as pessoas aceitam até serem agredidas dessa forma

      guilhermeguilherme4 ore fa
    • @infinity x I love you

      Minecraft Blocky ChrisMinecraft Blocky Chris6 ore fa
    • No difference lol

      Minecraft Blocky ChrisMinecraft Blocky Chris6 ore fa
    • Yes. Gay

      키보드 워리어키보드 워리어8 ore fa
    • water back dead

      LCR Fifa GamingLCR Fifa Gaming18 ore fa
  • Am i bugging or nothing was done

    XX5 minuti fa
  • Only fucking idiots glorify this

    Devon MackDevon Mack9 minuti fa
  • Епта, чё то клюв меньше то не стал ни уя!

    Кекс КексовКекс Кексов10 minuti fa
  • Hahahah her nose is still so big 😭 Jesus!!! lmao 🤣 holy shit😅🤣😂 middle Eastern for sure haha

    arachnaguyarachnaguy14 minuti fa
  • Be nice if girls knew we liked those imperfections they just ruin themselves

    Emily AnEmily An29 minuti fa
  • Hasta cuando tenga un hijo y salga con la mansa cayuya

    Jaime ContrerasJaime Contreras31 minuto fa
  • 🤢🤢

    PSGPSG34 minuti fa
  • I hate when people change themselves because they’re insecure with what God gave them. It’s disrespectful and you don’t need to change; he gave you that big nose for a reason!

    Someone The PersonSomeone The Person35 minuti fa
    • he gave it for you to be ugly

      a ia i16 minuti fa
    • Damn!! I thought she was getting it down sized 👀👃😲

      Emily AnEmily An29 minuti fa
  • She looks like a tall version of the lady from the incredibles

    SloothmanSloothman36 minuti fa
  • At least she didn’t pull any Michael Jackson shit..

    Garmen MusicGarmen Music42 minuti fa
  • Congratulations now you look more nosy

  • Why is he talking over annoying music, and her nose still looks huge.

    Ollie TwistOllie Twist44 minuti fa
  • And she still got that bird beak looking nose

    Nate BrewerNate Brewer52 minuti fa
  • Learn to be happy with yourself, you can't fix the inside with what's on the outside so stop trying!

    SethSeth54 minuti fa
  • Plastic surgery is for suckers

    PinwarriorPinwarrior55 minuti fa
  • I love because it still looks like her, they didn’t change her appearance too much.

    Nina GabiNina GabiOra fa
  • Kinol jak klamka od zakrystii

    MichałMichałOra fa
  • Still a big snosser after 😂😂😂

    steve ashsteve ashOra fa
  • ریددددددی دکترررررررر.‌‌‌‌ای زارت💩💩💩💩💩💩

    کسری لهراسبی نسبکسری لهراسبی نسبOra fa
  • $10,000 dollars later she looks exactly the same.

    John ErcJohn ErcOra fa
  • She looks the same to me, before and after. ...hope she doesn't read this and thinks she needs another job. Oh well

    H WH WOra fa
  • Damn!! I thought she was getting it down sized 👀👃😲

    Kerry RussellKerry RussellOra fa
  • I don't see much of a difference or km just blind OwO (Not trying to be rude)

    Winter CookieWinter CookieOra fa
  • That’s as close to a perfect nose job as I’ve ever seen. Subtle but still made such a difference

    vanhalenrocksssssvanhalenrocksssssOra fa
  • Swingin that beek around had me thinking about toucan Sam 🤣

    Mr. MikeMr. MikeOra fa
  • Why did you get rid of your Humpty Hump 👃

    DreDreOra fa
  • Let's be honest, he only said that she's beautiful and doesn't need to get it done so nobody would ostracize him on the ever so unforgiving internet full of snowflakes.

    The VindicatorThe VindicatorOra fa
  • That’s disgusting

    HBitronHBitronOra fa
  • Nose is horrible

    Wisdom UnderstandingWisdom UnderstandingOra fa
  • What do y’all tell your man and your kids when the kids get a big ass nose😂 doc just got multiple generations of clients 😂😂

    Holyoake Ent.Holyoake Ent.Ora fa
  • Her Shit still long af 🤣

    Hector ReyesHector ReyesOra fa
  • Still ugly noise!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Lin jLin jOra fa
  • Warm wet rags can increase the basal body temperature to aid in re-absorption of the hemoglobins.

    Jacob CoxJacob CoxOra fa
  • Stop promoting this BS

    keltoikeltoiOra fa
  • Imagine 😂😂😂

    Kill KxdoKill KxdoOra fa
  • 1. Nose Job Done! 2. Self Esteem Improves for a Month! 3. Compares Herself to Instagram Models! 4. Self Esteem Down! 5. On to the Plastic Surgeon again! And the cycle continues....

    Oscar Montes JrOscar Montes JrOra fa
  • Yeah I see what you did there doc. Nonetheless it's the best way of be getting both. You're all good sir.

    180MPH In The Wrong Lane180MPH In The Wrong LaneOra fa
  • Looks like a focken gargoyle

    RexorRexorOra fa
  • Naw her nose was crooked and big

    Orlando PerezOrlando PerezOra fa
  • That was so unnecessary

    sirpsychosexysirpsychosexyOra fa
  • Still got a big ass 👃 🤣🤣🤣

    Larry BlizzardLarry BlizzardOra fa
  • Ibrahimovic

  • I love you and your positivity Dr Youn.❤❤

    Terri NoonerTerri Nooner2 ore fa
  • Now she does look cute with the nose job, but some people shouldn't do it.

    Merritt NetworkMerritt Network2 ore fa
  • Its still Huge

    davimartinidavimartini2 ore fa
  • Quedó igual de narizona

    R.Eligio ChaparroR.Eligio Chaparro2 ore fa
  • What a waste of money.

    Rich HauxwellRich Hauxwell2 ore fa
  • The bts bomb as the mic

    Olerius 123Olerius 1232 ore fa
  • Yall can hate me for this, but the nose wasn't the problem

    SSJAangSSJAang2 ore fa
  • So she got punched in the nose by the Asian guy and took 6 weeks to heel. So she put make up after and now she a new person 🤔

    112477fm112477fm2 ore fa
  • Body dismorphia

    Chris ChrisChris Chris2 ore fa
  • What just happand....? The nose is still the same size? Was it that?

    Dev SharmaDev Sharma2 ore fa
  • Kill that horrible music.

    Chris JonesChris Jones2 ore fa
  • Ladrón, delincuente, quedó igual. Devuelvele el dinero

    fernando fernandofernando fernando2 ore fa
  • before surgery was way better in my opinion

    Вячеслав ШнайдрукВячеслав Шнайдрук2 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂

    PauL RusuPauL Rusu2 ore fa
  • FaZe rug needs this

    ENV PreeceENV Preece2 ore fa
  • I’ve learned that if people are saying things like “she’s beautiful, nothing needs to be fixed” it’s probably because you ugly. If they say things like “eh she’s not that pretty” you’re probably gorgeous. Not that it’s a bad thing but people really try to float your boat sometimes and prevent other people from being overly confident.

    Dylan RogersDylan Rogers2 ore fa
  • Now I know I'm not the only one... Her birthed nose was rare, gorgeous, yet signatured.A work of art, yet unique, one in a generation... Yes I could go on & on. 😭

    Fredrick AndersonFredrick Anderson2 ore fa
  • Can you fix those ginormous eyebrows?

    Doug MurrayDoug Murray2 ore fa
  • How to destroy the gift of God and Mother Nature

    Sai Soujanya MunukotiSai Soujanya Munukoti2 ore fa
  • “She’s a beautiful young woman”. Uhhhhh... NOOOOO?

    SheepdogColumbusSheepdogColumbus2 ore fa
  • Nose still big af 😂😂😂

    Sesh n chill CjSesh n chill Cj2 ore fa
  • Тендерлибае без маски

    2iq move2iq move2 ore fa
  • Letting your nose break?!,?? WTF

    QuantlyxQuantlyx2 ore fa
  • Shorty got beak 🤣😭

    Samuel ColeSamuel Cole2 ore fa
  • Am I the only one who thinks she looks EXACTLY like Victoria Justice?????

    MrVenebiMrVenebi2 ore fa
  • Omg is that why I had a Black eye when my nose broke! Thanks this was really helpful!

    iiStrawberryDreamz_iiStrawberryDreamz_2 ore fa
  • These surgeries has to legally restricted.... those who need it not for those who wants it 😑

  • Nah nose still too big, she needs thinner eyebrows too, so boney

    water fokerwater foker3 ore fa
  • No entendí nada pero estuvo chido

    Hector Emiliano CordovaHector Emiliano Cordova3 ore fa
  • Can't fool genetics though, kids might inherit

    AetherHorizonAetherHorizon3 ore fa
  • Rich chicks of privilege with money

    Jesus is MuslimJesus is Muslim3 ore fa
  • She looks the same to me

  • Like George Costanza’s girlfriend in that episode

    Derek DickDerek Dick3 ore fa
  • But- why she did that? She looked beautiful- (after too)

    Butterfly from snowButterfly from snow3 ore fa
  • Everybody is beautiful the way they arw but u do u its ur body 💖💖

    •Super Loves Cakes••Super Loves Cakes•3 ore fa
  • Still looks the same

    drane1210drane12103 ore fa
  • I dont see the difference.. it looks like shit

    Ismail LoharIsmail Lohar3 ore fa
  • Shit still big asf

    JACK *JACK *3 ore fa
  • How many procedures has the doctor had?

    Craig GarnettCraig Garnett3 ore fa
  • Good for her for getting a nose job. She no longer looks like _"Toucan Sam"_ .

    Some DudeSome Dude3 ore fa
  • doctor took your money lady

    sarge jacksonsarge jackson3 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂😂 She didnt like her witch nose

    WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVEWIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE3 ore fa
  • I swear this don was a dentist

    Big cBig c3 ore fa
  • Okay but it was still pretty big

    Some Random GuySome Random Guy3 ore fa
  • embrace your beak ass nose us black folks gotta embrace our big lips .. we love how god made us

    Korey HowardKorey Howard3 ore fa
  • Cantik kagak belaguk lu

    Adam BismillaAdam Bismilla3 ore fa
  • Okay chat let’s be honest. It’s still pretty fucking big lmfao

    Dog FoodDog Food3 ore fa
  • talk bout being insecure to the point the you think people think you ugly when your not because to someone’s eyes your beautiful and that’s on my momma

    BiG JèfèBiG Jèfè3 ore fa
  • Her nose was worse than shrek but now she is gorgeus😍😍

    Hrvoje Marić MarićHrvoje Marić Marić3 ore fa
  • Bill burr - you dont fuck with your face. There's no shirt for your face

    Raz dRaz d3 ore fa
  • She still look like Big Bird from sesame street

  • It's still huge.

    TrendkillerTrendkiller3 ore fa
  • Low self esteem

    TJ DriftKingTJ DriftKing3 ore fa
  • Ngl she looks like Charlie damelio sorry if I spelt that wrong don’t know her name

    Hot TeaHot Tea3 ore fa
  • I dont really see the change ngl

    The GameDevilThe GameDevil4 ore fa
  • Man my fiance has a broken nose from fighting but she has the best health insurance and refuses to get hers done its heart breaking. And she is still beautiful i don't know why she won't do it ?

    patrick lavoiepatrick lavoie4 ore fa
  • 동전지갑 필요없겠다

    Sin MooSin Moo4 ore fa