Mercedes S 63 Coupe BRABUS 700 - Wild Coupe!

19 apr 2021
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Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe Brabus 700 - Sound, Interior, Exterior and Features
Special thanks to UNIQUE.INC:​
Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 700 Hp, 950 Nm
0-100 (km/h): 3.2 s
Top Speed: 250 km/h
Color: Nardo Grey
1. Dark Tense Trailer by ArchitectSound
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  • i swear i have seen this video before

    Tariro DzamaTariro DzamaOra fa
  • The lights go on:))))

    tom Sentriktom Sentrik2 ore fa
  • This is the definition of carporn

    sapnu puassapnu puas3 ore fa
  • 1:51 music?

    Юра СмолинЮра Смолин3 ore fa
  • Какой шедевр!!! Молодцы, браво!!!

    Andrey ShlomaAndrey Shloma3 ore fa
  • if it only was legal in germany.... i would still not be able to buy it

    LolmaetzvgLolmaetzvg5 ore fa
  • It’s all good until your constellations go out, and you get hit with $9,500 to fix em

    ChillingsworthChillingsworth6 ore fa
  • WOAHHHHHh but also are you guys located in UZBEKISTAN???????

    SarcasticGuy ZSarcasticGuy Z6 ore fa
  • Damit kannste in Deutschland nicht fahren

    Tryhard AgarioTryhard Agario7 ore fa
  • Ima slide in that cars dms

    JulianJulian9 ore fa
  • 15 L city 9 litter outside 4L engine 700 hp automatic .. i mean is a beast, but ... at this point you have a Trucks engine tied to a Mercedes chassis.

    George ZahariaGeorge Zaharia10 ore fa
  • I need to find me a sugar mommy 😂

    ElijahElijah10 ore fa
  • This Is something else omg😳

    Vasilis VasilakisVasilis Vasilakis11 ore fa
  • erkekler de ağlar.

    onur tatlıcıonur tatlıcı11 ore fa
  • i wish i could have this car

    Cosa NostraCosa Nostra12 ore fa
  • Best car ever! Sport and luxury!

    rootroot13 ore fa
  • whats the price?

    Ignacy JędrzejkiewiczIgnacy Jędrzejkiewicz13 ore fa
  • How much does one like these cost?

    BekaWakBekaWak13 ore fa
  • what's the price?

    Jack AJack A13 ore fa
  • beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    farithfarith14 ore fa
  • The best sound in the world

    Bilal ParlaBilal Parla14 ore fa
  • 와.... 기가맥히네 멋지다

    초식곰초식곰15 ore fa
  • I can't understand why people want to drive or get driven in so much comfortable and fast cars

    night ridernight rider16 ore fa
  • 5 years from now - "Hi rusty!"

    StuFFedStuFFed16 ore fa
  • Me smiling 😊 My bank account crying 😢

    Angshuman SarmahAngshuman Sarmah17 ore fa
  • Work of art.

    Rasmus LaugesenRasmus Laugesen17 ore fa
  • ''at that price you could get a Ferrari'' I was told....My question is, why going for this car instead of a Ferrari, just curious

    Trd 93Trd 9317 ore fa
  • die plastikblede am heck: als wär sie durch streusalz schmutzig geworden. der lack: orangenhaut pur der sternenhimmel: wie ein diy projekt einer harz 4 wohnung

    maxtech 22maxtech 2218 ore fa
  • el coche de tony gambino!!

    LeaNsinLeaNsin18 ore fa
  • my heartbeat go faster

    Jimmy Money TalkJimmy Money Talk19 ore fa
  • The car is insane but wire the starlights into the ambient controls for cryin out loud. I need to introduce these guys to nerd PC level RGB. Will change their car designing lives.

    The CloudThe Cloud20 ore fa
  • Brabus got a ak47 mode💥💥

    ARsmokeARsmoke20 ore fa
  • I was in 20 day nofap mode. I was...

    Joao AfonsoJoao Afonso21 ora fa
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    jungle tvjungle tv22 ore fa
  • This video is porn!

    C. MENDESC. MENDES22 ore fa
  • What a terrible fucking paint job. All that orange peel, disgusting.

    Steven 2genSteven 2genGiorno fa
  • I don't have words, it's not often that happens. If you find a better car than this lmk.... 🤗 I think I'll be waiting many many years. Unfortunately sad little electric cars are coming about and wishy washy men are driving about in them. We must stand up and keep these sorts of cars on the road. An actual car, not a hairdryer.

    🌟 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓🌟 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓Giorno fa
  • One day I’m going to buy this car 🙏

    Jev MBSJev MBSGiorno fa
  • Price?

    SmileyPSmileyPGiorno fa
  • 10/10

    Max SchlankMax SchlankGiorno fa
  • Nice car, rims are absolutely terrible though

    J KJ KGiorno fa
  • The rims are a no for me

    Slick RickSlick RickGiorno fa
  • Thats not ah Car, Thats ART !

    baSicbaSicGiorno fa
  • Bla uzbekistonda ekanku

  • most beautiful car in the world!!!!!! WOW

    Gomez GonzaloGomez GonzaloGiorno fa
  • that mags sucks

    ECterrence IrvingECterrence IrvingGiorno fa
  • Das sieht ja schon geil aus, aber was sollen diese Felgen, sind mal richtig hässlich!

    Get GieftGet GieftGiorno fa
  • seeing a grail car only to see it's infotainment looks 10yrs old

    Michael SuskoMichael SuskoGiorno fa
  • since you didn't say anything I was wondering if this is a video for deaf people? what's the point of having musical background...

    Cristian ChelceaCristian ChelceaGiorno fa
  • Music 1:16 - 1:55

    Statement ProdStatement ProdGiorno fa
  • The quality of this video is on the same level as the car.

    RUS38RUS38Giorno fa
  • aside from the rim choice...the car is fire

    FwenchFwenchGiorno fa
  • يارب ارزقني هذه السيارة أو أحسن وكل من ،،يحط لايك

    Fhd NmlFhd NmlGiorno fa
  • How much?

    menyak01menyak01Giorno fa
  • In Jesus name. Amen.

    john wilson panaliganjohn wilson panaliganGiorno fa
  • Sa ngalan ni Hesus. Amen.

    john wilson panaliganjohn wilson panaliganGiorno fa
  • Why would anybody spend so much money on a Ferrari ??!n , when they can always buy this classy ass beast!!?!!!!!!

    Merio CoronaMerio CoronaGiorno fa
  • why not show the engine?

    jorge perezjorge perezGiorno fa
  • Dalam nama YESUS ❤️😇

    Andre GideonAndre Gideon2 giorni fa
  • How is that popping sound good to anyone? LOL

    ChrometheusChrometheus2 giorni fa
  • Look Mom, its Nissan Nardo Grey!

    BallerBaller2 giorni fa
  • Terrible Sound

    Burak GürbeyBurak Gürbey2 giorni fa
  • за такие деньги и так паршиво собрать, выложить в ютуб и собирать лайки это действительно гении маркетинка. 1- покрашена как будто монтаной 2-зазоры по фарам и бамперам +-5 мм. 3-зазоры дверей и юбки на видео +-7(8) мм 4-фары смотрятся как китайские фонарики(зато эмблема "ОЛЕД" красуется). 5-выхлоп уже перекошен(это на видео, в живую может даже хуже смотрится, а может и лучше) 6-благо салон он АМГ(в машине Брабус) 7-сиденья в новом авто как в старом 10 летнем.(уже промяты, пожованы) Честно , если бы это выпустили наши на Весте, я бы восхищался, но брабус, крутейшее ателье и такое показывать, должно быть стыдно.

    BAV HBAV H2 giorni fa
  • This video made me cry.

    John ToastJohn Toast2 giorni fa
  • sounds like shit

    Bobo BiboBobo Bibo2 giorni fa

    Cobalt CobaltCobalt Cobalt2 giorni fa
  • I almost master bated to this car smh

    Operation XRPOperation XRP2 giorni fa
  • 829 bmw fans..

  • İm bmw fan but this machine is awesome its a monster

    Şahin ŞahinerŞahin Şahiner2 giorni fa
  • The Best...

    1964nelinho1964nelinho2 giorni fa
  • Everything 10/10 but those backfires are just too much.

    SuplexmaschineSuplexmaschine2 giorni fa
  • страшный сон для российского автопрома!

    why you so serious?why you so serious?2 giorni fa
  • What’s the retail on one of those ?

    houstonpromotionhoustonpromotion2 giorni fa
  • Dream car

    Tavis_aka_KalikTavis_aka_Kalik2 giorni fa
  • I couldn't even afford the door but even that's perfect :o Stunning. Just wow.

    PatryPatry2 giorni fa
  • Was expecting Cyberpunk music to kick in.

    guttural truthguttural truth2 giorni fa
  • Love this car 😍 but the wheels are horrible 🤢

    The TruthThe Truth2 giorni fa
  • Man I’m so in love. Wish I could afford this.

    Kenrick LodgeKenrick Lodge2 giorni fa
  • how much?

    NJP 2NJP 22 giorni fa
  • ik i had the money i would buy it right nowww!!!!

    hoi ihoi i2 giorni fa
  • Imagine the interior creaking on this bad boy! Cheapens a Merc real quick lmao

    Kaito TojoKaito Tojo2 giorni fa
  • Mobil suaranya jelek

    Hawuuus HuwuuusHawuuus Huwuuus2 giorni fa
  • Big Boy Car

    R35PECTR35PECT2 giorni fa
  • Красавец

    СергейСергей2 giorni fa
  • Holy shit, i need two jobs!

    Ulf HolmströmUlf Holmström2 giorni fa
  • didn't check or do any research on this car or the price... im gonna guess $180k??

    Henley DengHenley Deng2 giorni fa
  • epic gamer moment

    astro guyastro guy2 giorni fa
  • Can We Just Call This... "THE CORVETTE KILLAR" !😂😂😂😂😂

    babysunn2babysunn22 giorni fa
  • Everything about it

    BennieBennie2 giorni fa
  • what a car giorni fa
  • Topzera 🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏

    santhyliano Lorenzoni torezanisanthyliano Lorenzoni torezani2 giorni fa
  • All this just to sit in traffic.

    Shane McDonaldShane McDonald2 giorni fa
  • That sound is crazyyy

    Fortnite FNFortnite FN3 giorni fa
  • Oh the trash pop tune, take that off then this is the perfect car.

    Master ChamplooMaster Champloo3 giorni fa
  • Ein Traumwagen 👌

    Sebo KSebo K3 giorni fa
  • this is absolutely gorgeous. Im not sure about the sound but the car looks great

    Onur YumakliOnur Yumakli3 giorni fa
  • Ideally

    Shokhjakhon MirzaabdullaevShokhjakhon Mirzaabdullaev3 giorni fa
  • i think about this car a lot

    Madarauchiha86Madarauchiha863 giorni fa
  • sick....

    ShoMiShoMi3 giorni fa