Gacha Life TikTok Compilation #34

18 feb 2021
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e too long my storage is pain also @frosty if u see this u gay ;)

  • Love youuuuu i can be pinned? ❤✌

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    • əöö 0n

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    • @Official_Rose what they say.

      Pxtches!Pxtches!11 ore fa
    • @Lamar Mapp yes and im a 8 year old kid

      Sachielia KathrynSachielia Kathryn14 ore fa
    • @XxSimply_MintyxX wow your rude i think i can,t read this im to young to read this kind of arguing sooo im going to tell my name, name:lunar age:8 hobby :listening to music and , idk what :b

      Sachielia KathrynSachielia Kathryn14 ore fa

    Hikoshi._ :uHikoshi._ :u17 minuti fa
  • mah fav won is 10:43

    Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson34 minuti fa
  • Whem I realized the last one is from the ,,Teen Titans,Go!"i started laugh😅💅🏼✨

    Lilla CsuhaLilla Csuha37 minuti fa
  • 5:14

    kasia freyerkasia freyer39 minuti fa
    • 5:12

      kasia freyerkasia freyer39 minuti fa
  • You forgot to check off 100k+ on your about page.

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  • Me: * About to give it a thumbs up * hold up *Rubs eyes* Me: is that 101k likes!?!?

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  • 32:44 I just see that the audio is of the teen titans go lol XD

    -[Welcome to]- [-Leureneys channel-]-[Welcome to]- [-Leureneys channel-]57 minuti fa
  • Qui est célibataire est veut être en couple écouter être en couple on s’en fout quand on est célibataire on est un peut comme le dernier biscuit tout le monde vous veut mais personne ose vous prendre est surtout à la saint Valentin ça fait gagner de l’argent est ça c’est beau putain

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  • 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😳😳😳😳

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  • 😢😢

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    Diogo SilvaDiogo SilvaOra fa

    Diogo SilvaDiogo SilvaOra fa
  • 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

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  • Ranboo with the big ass vault

    •Pastel Weeb••Pastel Weeb•Ora fa
  • spanich?

    alejandra oliveraalejandra oliveraOra fa
  • Hold up- *Is glitchTrap British????* 12:35 *Confustion*

    Shadow RabbitShadow RabbitOra fa
  • Please tell me the song at 15:54

    Dap hneDap hneOra fa
  • Is no one gonna talking about what happened on 21:42

    Hooman PersonHooman PersonOra fa
  • Actually Gregory won't die

    Grace MagoGrace MagoOra fa
  • 22:12 that's disgusting Kanao is better

    Julia HinesJulia HinesOra fa
  • 11:57 (the song) this reminds me of my crush Jake. I’m telling this story because I’m sad. 😢 someone still gives me hope that he likes me. He invited me to his party and his best friend says he blushed when they mention my name. Does your crush like you? Tell me your story... sorry I jest felt sad and lonely so I had to write this 😔 😭

    Elisa GreysElisa Greys2 ore fa
  • 0:16 AYYYYYYYY 👅

    I ᴍ s ᴀ ᴠ ᴀI ᴍ s ᴀ ᴠ ᴀ2 ore fa
  • من وين تلاقينهم يبنت اللعيبه

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  • This is pog

    Vivienne RosenbergVivienne Rosenberg2 ore fa
  • 1:41 OMG l love ❤️

    Viviana rocioViviana rocio3 ore fa
  • 7:13 song

    дада4 ore fa
  • Hi

    Sisterlocation LolSisterlocation Lol4 ore fa
  • The last one's audio is one of the reasons I hate teen titans go.

    mariahmariah4 ore fa
  • 20:20 why is this so relatable i mean every time I give a cookie and i give it to my baby sister she goes 🤤🤤 then she eats it then she starts going 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 omg

  • 23:03 Finalmente achei meu vídeo preferido

    Um_Darwin_Na_Vida_Real :3Um_Darwin_Na_Vida_Real :35 ore fa
  • "Im not in a middle of a fight...."

    《Light Fire》《Light Fire》6 ore fa
  • 19:24 what is the music called??

    NIKINIKI7 ore fa
  • does anybody know the song of the first tiktok?

    YaayuuiiYaayuuii7 ore fa
  • eeeeeeeeee I watch demon slayer but i havent finished it Nezuko just be runnin'

    • m i k u - c h x n •• m i k u - c h x n •9 ore fa
  • They seems all gays I hate gays no one reply me

    beatup girlbeatup girl9 ore fa
  • OMGGGGGG 24:00 was so good

    NitezillaNitezilla9 ore fa
  • where did you find Tik tok Premium?

    Ka3e _Fox_Ka3e _Fox_10 ore fa
  • 12:34 Scraptrap : i always come back Glitchtrap : hello everybody Vannesa : gregoryyyy~ Me : tf

    Dark matterDark matter11 ore fa
  • I feel your pain xD

    Chilly ll PotatoChilly ll Potato11 ore fa
  • This is good

    eduardo barandinoeduardo barandino11 ore fa
  • 11:52 oh so now there are hair rings? Interesting :D

    Oppiset colorsOppiset colors11 ore fa
  • the respect one gives me leisha vibes..

    •Sandra ••Sandra •11 ore fa
  • 6:56 what is the name of this song??

    •Itz_GãchaWølfyTMツ••Itz_GãchaWølfyTMツ•11 ore fa
  • 23:05 my favourite XD

    CloudyCloudy11 ore fa
  • 12:46 to 13:15 Every time me and my bffs hear this song we’re like *”this is so 2019”* Also 13:24 girl I love you cuz we DO NOT accept heat here 😒

    Dxlighted 0reoDxlighted 0reo11 ore fa
  • 8:08 what a song.

    Matylda CzachoMatylda Czacho11 ore fa
  • OK I loved it

    ta'nyja vinsonta'nyja vinson11 ore fa
  • "Wait how old are you-" [Isabella Humming Leslie's Song] 😏

    猫Taffy Neko-Chan猫Taffy Neko-Chan11 ore fa
  • 0:00 song name

    Cristina TigbaoCristina Tigbao11 ore fa

    OtherAccountOtherAccount11 ore fa
  • Wow 100 RB Likes

    aira blareaira blare11 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Hoai YuHoai Yu12 ore fa

    t0kuk11z whatt0kuk11z what14 ore fa

    LaTonya SanchezLaTonya Sanchez14 ore fa
  • 7:05

    Michelle MurrayMichelle Murray14 ore fa
  • 13:29 What's the name of this song?

    귀요미귀요미15 ore fa
  • Dora...😂😂😂

    galaxy wolf unicorn crystal ocean gachagalaxy wolf unicorn crystal ocean gacha15 ore fa
  • Strager thanks pls

    Mama CaroMama Caro15 ore fa
  • Do stranger things a

    Mama CaroMama Caro15 ore fa
  • thanks

    Mama CaroMama Caro15 ore fa
  • Your.stranger

    Mama CaroMama Caro15 ore fa
  • 0:15 love that one, also anyone know the song name?

    Asher EmilyAsher Emily15 ore fa
  • I always knew Dora was evil

    GachaTilGlitchGachaTilGlitch15 ore fa
  • A mi me gustó más el del minuto 5:14

    Alejandro CardenasAlejandro Cardenas15 ore fa
  • That Karen one was. Mwah Spot ON!

    GachaTilGlitchGachaTilGlitch15 ore fa
  • What moment is the last one from i wanna see the original does anyone know since it sounds super familiar to me 😭✨

    x6.cherry-boom.9x uvux6.cherry-boom.9x uvu16 ore fa
  • 3:42 really said "SNATCHED"

    N0T_SN1LEN0T_SN1LE16 ore fa
  • 1:37 I would respectfully not care 💗

    YourLast _BraincellYourLast _Braincell16 ore fa
  • 12:15 why FNAF???

    Phước Hùng VõPhước Hùng Võ16 ore fa
  • 27:57 meme?

    chocolatito uwuchocolatito uwu16 ore fa
  • Toy Bonnie:Its Me Golden Freddy:Hold My Beer

    Cookies_ForlifeLunaCookies_ForlifeLuna16 ore fa
  • What’s the meme where the person runs from the knife called?

    Gacha icey fam !Gacha icey fam !16 ore fa
  • 40:25 gO tO gIrL .cOm FoR gIrLs rEeEeEeEeE Im kidding thats why the girl com thing was not blue becuase i spaced bar it ;)

    AleahNighemAleahNighem16 ore fa

    Ashley SnyderAshley Snyder17 ore fa
  • Im so glad i was 11 years old when i started watching "promised never land".

    Angelica AftonAngelica Afton17 ore fa
  • b**ch what the fuck

    Keviana WilliamsKeviana Williams17 ore fa
    • dont swar

      Keviana WilliamsKeviana Williams17 ore fa
  • Can someone tell me what this song is 5:58?

    ۵۵Naomi۵۵ ۵۵Queen۵۵۵۵Naomi۵۵ ۵۵Queen۵۵17 ore fa
  • Wtfffffff

    haris daly llharis daly ll17 ore fa
  • dora: oh no we hit a n o t h e r pedestrian! backpack!! backpack: backpack backpa- oH wAt ThE Fffff-

    Han JisungHan Jisung17 ore fa
  • ⁣⛅ ☁ ☁  ☁  🚁   ✈ 🏢🏤_🏬_ / |_🏫🏢🌳🌳 _____🚋_🚗__🚕______ 🏡⁣🏥🏦  /   |🚖 🏠🌳🏡 🏡🏡🏪 /    | 🚘 🏪🏨 💒 🏨 /     |     🏡🏩

    Patrick HendricksPatrick Hendricks17 ore fa
  • What’s the song at 13:16 👁👄👁

    • ItzMeDudes •• ItzMeDudes •18 ore fa
  • Omgggg that made me laugh so hardddd Marinette got a saw and was about to kill Lila *An ad plays and immediately says *Pegi 18** Oh shiii-

    PastelimationsPastelimations18 ore fa
  • When you grow up to be a badass be like 1:23:

    Hello DemonHello Demon18 ore fa
  • (Hi)

    Lia JimenezLia Jimenez18 ore fa
  • 12:07 why do people make animatronics look really... humanoid?

    Logan ze PotatoLogan ze Potato18 ore fa
  • 13:22 song plz 28:34 song plz 30:17 song plz

    xBäby_ BlüĕxxBäby_ Blüĕx19 ore fa
  • 123 play

    Areli De la cruzAreli De la cruz19 ore fa
  • FBI stop watching me

    Jaylon JenkinsJaylon Jenkins19 ore fa
  • fbgfgffchhvc sjhnn

    eva maravillaeva maravilla19 ore fa
  • When ur phone is on 3 precent and your 4 seconds in: 👁️👄👁️

    Nsingi SuzaNsingi Suza19 ore fa
  • 0:02 what's the song please❤️

    draco malfoy is my boyfrienddraco malfoy is my boyfriend20 ore fa
  • here comes karen

    Jaynee MarteJaynee Marte20 ore fa
  • 12:07

    Jodie MckerracherJodie Mckerracher20 ore fa
    • 28:53

      Jodie MckerracherJodie Mckerracher20 ore fa
    • 20:39

      Jodie MckerracherJodie Mckerracher20 ore fa
  • here comes karen i like that one

    Ellie V AEllie V A21 ora fa
  • at 12:03 who else wants to say THEY NEED EYEBROWSE

    Ally WolfAlly Wolf21 ora fa
  • I can watch that tik tok for ever im following the person who made evil dora

    Dark KingDark King21 ora fa