Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

25 nov 2019
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Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • 0:24 i didnt know he lived by steamy stacks

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  • he did so good

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  • hi

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  • ttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dramatic

    MiraculumMiraculum4 ore fa
  • bugha wath

  • Who needs fortnite me

    Ally PallyAlly Pally8 ore fa
  • Normal parents: STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR NEW FREINDS, THEY ARE BAD INFLUENCE His parents(ideal parents): when i that my son is playing , talking and having fun with his new friends or the friends he just made, i think its really special Me: thinks that my life is a lie..

    Just some weird guyJust some weird guy16 ore fa
  • This might be one of the best videos on yt

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  • hi

    Ramon MarcanoRamon Marcano16 ore fa
  • his sister has luckiest brother

    ZaspectnZaspectn16 ore fa
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    Tyler MarkwardTyler Markward17 ore fa
  • His family: Remember you bet me 900K that you wouldn't win

    FeAR YuneozFeAR Yuneoz18 ore fa
  • Feel the video Ka Ka Ka Ka serial 😥😭😭💔

  • 2022 World cup champion ME

    M10 TeaseiLM10 TeaseiLGiorno fa
  • Me lower your head set bc he’s gonna scream when he wins the World Cup

    blaquesheepblaquesheepGiorno fa
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  • he won LLLLLLLets Go

    Jacob EgerJacob EgerGiorno fa
    • Hilleo

      Mariam m32Mariam m32Giorno fa
  • Por favor agreguen audio de diferentes idiomas.

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  • I wish I was him

    F5ITHF5ITHGiorno fa
  • Anyone know where I can find the music used during this

  • I wonder what it felt like in the middle of the games I would be shaking like hell

    F5ITHF5ITHGiorno fa
  • Fortnite has a diamond play button

    OggusOggusGiorno fa
  • What? Mongral 4:44

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  • Sheesh

    Danny ZhangDanny ZhangGiorno fa
  • How are you so good

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  • this is a good story

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  • This was kinda just meant to be I mean think if this was the life of ninja

    BS Baseball kidBS Baseball kidGiorno fa
  • I remember watching this from the Lobby and when I was in games I would just sit in a bush or something and spectate this

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  • just inspiring

    SkizzrzSkizzrzGiorno fa
  • god sometimes i wish bugha's mom was my mom lol

    chicken nuggetchicken nuggetGiorno fa
  • I love how they show Monngral a ton

    Finley LawlerFinley Lawler2 giorni fa
  • Vay be

    EGOZAXEGOZAX2 giorni fa
  • like 2021

    ראם נאמןראם נאמן2 giorni fa
  • His dad introduced him Fortnite, My Parents Still wont get that I can't pause online games

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    • 😂

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    • Lol

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  • I every time cry because My don,t let me do video games

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  • Geez man I just come back to watch this and I’m just like wow

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  • ye

    ExwingExwing2 giorni fa
  • Basketball not fort nite

    Xtreme_jarvis 1Xtreme_jarvis 12 giorni fa
  • who did a dislike do a like cause this is bugha's life story from the battle bus

    Julia BotrosJulia Botros2 giorni fa
  • Yes sir

    JaysideJayside2 giorni fa
  • i comeing i am going to win i play on lite but ok

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  • Bruh he is the tallest fortnite youtuber

    NinjaNinja2 giorni fa
  • Every time I watched this video it gives me motivation to grind the game

    CyTem_FnCyTem_Fn2 giorni fa
    • I swear on everything one I'll be a pro

      CyTem_FnCyTem_Fn2 giorni fa
  • ياهطف

    فارس- THQفارس- THQ2 giorni fa
  • すごい

    harupicoに憧れし夜桜よぷっちょharupicoに憧れし夜桜よぷっちょ2 giorni fa
    • انقلع يا كورونا

      فارس- THQفارس- THQ2 giorni fa
  • There is steamy stacks

    HeroOneHeroOne2 giorni fa
  • Watching this video. Just amazes me how far he has come. Man has so much talent.

    Kaden GreggKaden Gregg2 giorni fa
  • Great work epic!

    Ethan GluzmanEthan Gluzman2 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or do i feel like bugha will compete in the next world cup and win another 3 mil (or more)

    Landon ShankLandon Shank2 giorni fa
  • Si yo ganará el mundial no sé qué hago

    IvnFNIvnFN3 giorni fa
  • Petition to make this an actual movie documentary

    RadCat StudiosRadCat Studios3 giorni fa
  • bughaaaaaaa 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  • name of the music in the 11:36?

    RafyuxRafyux3 giorni fa

    Celia La thugCelia La thug3 giorni fa
  • Looks like a netflix4k video

    apocalyptic gamerapocalyptic gamer3 giorni fa
  • 4:45. .... MONGRAAL I LOVE U

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  • 9:28 yo mamafishy

    Buzz Is VibinBuzz Is Vibin3 giorni fa
  • well deserved trophy

    cranexcranex3 giorni fa
  • They almost make him sound as if he has no food, no family, no money, no nothing, and hes done something amazing with his life...

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  • 🤡

    HamsterHamster3 giorni fa
  • At least his parents appreciate him gaming

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  • Go on bugha

  • Chills

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  • 11k people who disliked are the hardcore Benjyfishy fans lol

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  • this video gives me chicken skin

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  • 19:21 Mr savage raging because epikwahle killed him lol

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  • Fortnite just is not the same anymore

    YF ClipzYF Clipz3 giorni fa
  • i wish i was bouga and in world cup

    Pure ChampPure Champ3 giorni fa
  • 2:37 that hits you different

    Ace KimAce Kim3 giorni fa
  • Soy el unico español aqui? xDxDxDxDxDxD

    The_DiegardoThe_Diegardo3 giorni fa

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  • Recording girl be like i need views got to record when he famous

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  • hiFOrtnite

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  • These kids are so nerdy sorry had to say it

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  • Bucha is Nice bro

  • this hits different during the summer no cap

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  • now I'm nostalgique mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna cry

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  • Wow enspiring

    Kyazze GabrielKyazze Gabriel4 giorni fa
  • 4:03

    Clipsae YtClipsae Yt4 giorni fa
  • 0:54 is thaaat a fortnite cap

    paddyonethepaddyonethe4 giorni fa
  • do you do give aways

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  • Don't read my name

    can i get 10oo sub4 n0 r3ason plesecan i get 10oo sub4 n0 r3ason plese4 giorni fa
  • You can see in the beginning at the old man want to take a video but he take a picture Xd

    White Night SB TeamWhite Night SB Team4 giorni fa
  • Anyone knows the background music of this video?

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  • I wish my parents were supportive

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  • Can y’all check my channel out and tell your friends

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  • hi

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  • Is it just me or does Bugha sounds like “Ooga booga!” From sr polo spooky month? No? Not really? Just me? Kk

    R2 D2R2 D24 giorni fa
  • Same

  • 6:40 they start playing on the keyboards loud as hell

    ez rexzuez rexzu4 giorni fa
  • love you dude

    Pukar DavidPukar David4 giorni fa
  • good job bugha

    Pukar DavidPukar David4 giorni fa
  • hi

    Catherine HammondCatherine Hammond4 giorni fa
  • The good old days

    RyhtxRyhtx4 giorni fa
  • Bugha sucks so bad

    IsprayerAdamIsprayerAdam4 giorni fa
  • Poor PS4 and Xbox players who had to play on pc

    StormPlayz OfficialStormPlayz Official5 giorni fa
  • Kto z polski

    Tomek MinecraftTomek Minecraft5 giorni fa