Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

25 nov 2019
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Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • His grandpa is wearing a fortnite hat

    glitch swavglitch swav40 minuti fa
  • sooo like who knows the song from the start? 0:00 - 3:58

    OlimpiaOlimpiaOra fa
  • I literally had goosebumps while watching his match highlights .........his skills 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    omkar sawantomkar sawantOra fa
  • this is a real epic shet

    Максим ММММаксим МММ3 ore fa
  • Honestly it’s so wholesome to see someone so humble like bugha succeed honestly he’s deserves the best and hope him and his family are safe.

    TTV ChoppaTTV Choppa4 ore fa
  • See you

    Bx4yanBx4yan4 ore fa
  • Every Fortnite Player has to see this video

    xxxKingtvxxxKingtv6 ore fa
  • I love you

    KlarekKlarek7 ore fa
  • god vid , great work epic

    Is7agIs7ag8 ore fa
  • Just watched it for the 4th time and i still love it

    TacticZombieTacticZombie10 ore fa
  • kkkkkkkkkkkk o mongral fazendo a mesa inteira tremer

    miguel skinsmiguel skins11 ore fa
  • This is so amazing and Great!!😍

    Lukasz DudzikLukasz Dudzik13 ore fa
  • my mom:stop playing that idiot game!!!! bughas mom: yaas queeeennn dooo youuurrr thinnngg

    agent Xagent X13 ore fa
  • He is amazing 🤩

  • This is a amazing clip

    Roman MartyRoman Marty17 ore fa
  • oh god, i need to compete here

    Griffin PantaGriffin Panta17 ore fa
  • My Mom: Stop Playing This Stupid Games!!! Bugha's Mom: You're So Good At This Game!!!

    lio messilio messi19 ore fa
  • Little did he know , he would become THE FORTNITE BUGHA

    KrusifyKrusifyGiorno fa
  • Imagine playing against 40 million players, practising 8 hours a day and getting criticised by insensitive adults on the news who cant make that in their lifetime.

    strong Tomstrong TomGiorno fa
  • Who else saw mongraal at 4:45

    Zesty_mstZesty_mstGiorno fa
  • Does anyone else always end up back to this video?

    Matthew MesrahiMatthew MesrahiGiorno fa
  • any1 else think that bughas neck is tall asl

    CloutisticCloutisticGiorno fa
  • 7:56 el chico ya usaba mascarilla

    Valen CubaValen CubaGiorno fa
  • yup can win

    Maria VegaMaria VegaGiorno fa
  • does anyone know the music in the intro?

    SplisshySplisshyGiorno fa
  • Bugha pro pleyer the battle buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus

    filipe curadofilipe curadoGiorno fa
  • plot twist: He only wins beucause he got a robot eye. His normal eye was ubstrucked by the strong light from his monitor.

    Slavanio habedSlavanio habedGiorno fa
    • lolll

      French Fries Gang • 15 years agoFrench Fries Gang • 15 years agoGiorno fa
  • lerss gororor094hub3onid3dnilkmjwejn

    Tom SenacTom SenacGiorno fa
  • Yo con hambre y sacan un chingo de comida que se mira bien buena:"((

    Fernando RamirezFernando RamirezGiorno fa
  • People Think I'm weird because I watch this a lot. I want to tell them it motivates me but they would laugh it inspires me so much

    Tear Ryft x Tear MachiTear Ryft x Tear MachiGiorno fa
  • Amigo del fondo no se me vaya a romper la mano XD 6:14

    maquia velomaquia veloGiorno fa
    • Ey wey entendiste mal todo wey trucelo bro

      maquia velomaquia velo2 ore fa
    • don’t know much spanish, all i could understand was: my fond friend, don’t go breaking your hand. was I even close??

      Ox SilenceOx Silence3 ore fa
  • its sad how money changed him

    Braxton HricikBraxton HricikGiorno fa
  • I swear bro I am very happy for u when I see u r video when u win the champion cap I am very sad bc i don't know this whole time but now after all I know about u

    Philipos KirosPhilipos KirosGiorno fa
  • grandpa wearing fortnite Merch XD

    ThatGuyErnieThatGuyErnieGiorno fa
  • Poor grandpa knows he’s on cámara and says “ those are some real organic burgers”

    I don’t know my NameI don’t know my NameGiorno fa
  • i will not stop untill i get to hi level

    bery berybery beryGiorno fa
  • co to jest kamus 7:57

    Donat donioDonat donioGiorno fa
    • Jest to możliwie xd

      TerroRTerroRGiorno fa
  • addiced

    Miles EvansMiles EvansGiorno fa
  • Amen

    Azure OcanerAzure Ocaner2 giorni fa
  • This short story literally motivates me so i rewatch this a lot.

    Larrythegoat 13Larrythegoat 132 giorni fa
  • As soon as you enter the practice room all you hear is click clack click clack

    Yeetb0mb FORTniteYeetb0mb FORTnite2 giorni fa
  • I think fortnite should give him his own skill now

    Criptz _VGCriptz _VG2 giorni fa
  • this was emotional

    Makai dawgMakai dawg2 giorni fa
  • i like for Bugha 😍😍😍❤❤❤

    محمد حسین فولادیمحمد حسین فولادی2 giorni fa
  • i love bugha

    Bentley McturnerBentley Mcturner2 giorni fa
  • esti tare fratele meu

    alex mihaialex mihai2 giorni fa
  • Even i was sweating while watching this xD

    • T r a s h •• T r a s h •2 giorni fa
  • Wait is that mongral... 4:43

    fn flicksfn flicks2 giorni fa
  • G

    Adrian Gamer350 AAdrian Gamer350 A2 giorni fa
  • Nice Bhuga!

    Anton PetterssonAnton Pettersson2 giorni fa
  • 16 years old and FIRST TIME ON A TRAIN bruh, im just 13 and i have been in a train like 500 times

    Patricija PPatricija P2 giorni fa
  • 日本人いる?w

    すくりゅー!!!!!!すくりゅー!!!!!!2 giorni fa
  • Bugha is you gej

    bh poppo Gronholmbh poppo Gronholm2 giorni fa
  • best story

    биг бойбиг бой2 giorni fa
  • y Mom: Stop Playing This Stupid Games!!! Bugha's Mom: You're So Good At This Game!!! 85

    giovanna bahrigiovanna bahri2 giorni fa
    • copied

      French Fries Gang • 15 years agoFrench Fries Gang • 15 years agoGiorno fa
  • 1st place : Bugha , His Vid 17M views 2cnd place : Psalm , His vid 1.5M views Why such a big difference..both desreve respect man

    Suhruth SrivibhavanSuhruth Srivibhavan2 giorni fa
  • you live in what small town

    stas krambergerstas kramberger2 giorni fa
  • Ur awesome 👏🏻

    Gauri VishwanathGauri Vishwanath3 giorni fa
  • Mongral shaking the entire table doing faze sway retakes

    F and F vlogsF and F vlogs3 giorni fa
  • His mom is so supportive and my mom after 30 mins is telling at me saying to pause it

    Fart lord 101Fart lord 1013 giorni fa
  • that guy filming on his front camera 😂

    Dylan_3475Dylan_34753 giorni fa
  • GG

    a ver dijo el ciegoa ver dijo el ciego3 giorni fa
  • Does anyone else watch clix’s game play in creative over bugha playing

    Jt on GfuelJt on Gfuel3 giorni fa
  • Летвик еще не знал, что сидит возле будущего чемпиона мира.

    queenqueen3 giorni fa
  • Well done Bugha!!!

    Oran CoulterOran Coulter3 giorni fa
  • Notice how they copied apex legends by doing stories from the battle bus when apex is stories from the outlands?

    Roberto SaucedoRoberto Saucedo3 giorni fa
  • Ya

    RedBlade17xRedBlade17x3 giorni fa
  • Djd

    Emil WideEmil Wide3 giorni fa
  • OMG! Bugha is the best !

    BimoBimo3 giorni fa
  • If only parents understood the value of gaming

    Charlie GordonCharlie Gordon3 giorni fa
  • I feel very good and can't stop my tears

    FIREFIRE3 giorni fa
  • Bugha is like 6 feet tall or something

    Vivaan Navandher YTVivaan Navandher YT3 giorni fa
  • e letse go bugha

    Antonino RizzoAntonino Rizzo3 giorni fa
  • I'm not crying you are

    Trass FNTrass FN3 giorni fa
  • bugha: does homework bugha's dad: wtf u doing, go play fortnite

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez3 giorni fa

    avocado dragonfruitavocado dragonfruit4 giorni fa
  • “Future little league trophy” I smell a dad joke

    devineおはdevineおは4 giorni fa
  • Bro I live near him wtf

    devineおはdevineおは4 giorni fa
  • Alguien Español/Latinoamericano?

    Guillem Solana SorianoGuillem Solana Soriano4 giorni fa
  • Bugha said is this mongraals sister

    GlowzzGlowzz4 giorni fa
  • Let’s go bugha your the best

    fiorella victoria quispe lagosfiorella victoria quispe lagos4 giorni fa
  • its a gamer!!!!

    Kishen R. KudchadkarKishen R. Kudchadkar4 giorni fa
  • Who else is motivated by this legend every day

    LeonFNLeonFN4 giorni fa
  • aooooo

    شعلان العتيبي FlMشعلان العتيبي FlM4 giorni fa
    • Noooo

      شعلان العتيبي FlMشعلان العتيبي FlM4 giorni fa
  • Ok would u rather learn something new or do dis

    Shahad MasjdShahad Masjd4 giorni fa
  • Hey bugha can only mouse and keyboard players get in the World Cup or can controllers to

    Jace DyerJace Dyer4 giorni fa
  • I love him

    Arvid PousetteArvid Pousette4 giorni fa
  • Mom Before world cup: Hey stop playing that game get a job Mom after world cup: You can play a little bit just you do ur homework Notifications pop up that there is a 10 million world cup: PLAY IT 24 OR I WILL EAT UR HOMEWORK

    Lukas Petreski 6 A GläntanskolanLukas Petreski 6 A Gläntanskolan4 giorni fa
  • piękne biore z neigo przykłąd i naal będe zawsze dla mnei będzie najlepszy

    fabian tomaszewskifabian tomaszewski4 giorni fa
  • Love from India

    Brekha gamingBrekha gaming4 giorni fa
  • Wow aunty an sad bud at happy is beautiful is a reality I love you bugha

    Giancarlito EmilioGiancarlito Emilio4 giorni fa
  • It's lit

    Black FireBlack Fire4 giorni fa

    Mr ElectronMr Electron4 giorni fa
  • this is best video for me i saw it like 20times

    EidamHDEidamHD4 giorni fa
  • itsJerian I watch all of your videos

    Charles William HutchisonCharles William Hutchison4 giorni fa
  • This is so emotional and motivating

    Raider_Raider_4 giorni fa
  • i dont know why but i watch this almosst every week and it makes me feel happy

    Vuex ggVuex gg4 giorni fa
  • Мне одному жалко Летвика который сидел рядом и грустил?

    Тсунами :3Тсунами :34 giorni fa
  • Nobody: Moongral: OMG the FaZe Sway ... (doing retakes)

    Sokena4569 Bebejan]Sokena4569 Bebejan]4 giorni fa
    • Nobody: You: OMG if I copy this comment I can get likes

      ThatdudeffThatdudeff2 giorni fa
  • Everybody gangsta till the government says one word TAX

    Vanilla BeansVanilla Beans4 giorni fa
    • Who am I kidding half of you probably don’t know what that word means 😂

      Vanilla BeansVanilla Beans4 giorni fa