Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

Welcome to Cutting Edge Engineering Australia's official ITworlds channel!

Our channel is all about showing you real life machining work from our machining \u0026 fabrication workshop on the Gold Coast, Australia that specialises in manual machining, hydraulic repairs and heavy fabrication for the earthmoving, mining \u0026 civil construction industries.

So if you're a machinist that wants to see some big gear in action be sure to subscribe to our channel right now.

We upload new videos every week that show lathe machining, milling, welding, line boring, honing and all the good stuff that comes from a machining workshop. If that sounds like something that you would enjoy seeing, then make sure to join us by subscribing and following us on Instagram or Facebook for even more content!

If you want to know more about who we are, what we do, or to request a quote contact us through our website link below.