Ciao bella gente, I'm Pimot, welcome to my channel!

Pimot is my nickname, everyone has called me that since I was a child.
In this channel I will take you to my world, a world made of passions.
I have always fought for what I believe in, I like adrenaline, adventure, fun, horror, the world of photography but, above all, working hard to achieve goals.
For this reason I will try to mix the photographic sector with the emotions that most distinguish me and I will do it by offering you healthy entertainment consisting of fun challenges, adventurous tutorials, adrenaline Vlogs and interactive videos but not only, I will try to snatch a smile because, after all, it has always been thanks to what I have overcome the difficulties.

Bella gente, what else to say but to subscribe to my channel and join me in this adventure!

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